• This unit will be covering Elections- differences between the major political parties, differences between third parties, and how to evaluate candidates running for office.

    We will be covering two Florida State Standards this unit. They have been broken down into smaller categories and clarifications that we will be studying:


    • SS.7.C.2.8: Identify America’s current political parties, and illustrate their ideas about government.
      1. Students will compare current political parties’ ideas about government.
      2. Students will evaluate the impact political parties have on society, government, or the political system.
    • SS.7.C.2.9: Evaluate candidates for political office by analyzing their qualifications, experience, issue-based platforms, debates, and political ads.  
      1. Students will identify the constitutional requirements to run for federal political office.
      2. Students will recognize the requirements to run for state and local political offices
      3. Students will be able to analyze and/or evaluate the qualifications of candidates for public office based on their experience, platforms, debates, and political advertisements.
    • SS.7.C.2.7: Conduct a mock election to demonstrate the voting process and its impact on a school, community, or local level.



    Unit Essential Question: 

    • What is the purpose of the United States political system?
    • How do elections impact government and society?



    Lesson Essential Questions: 

    • What are America’s current political parties?
    • What are their ideas about government?
    • What are the constitutional requirements to run for political office?
    • How does one evaluate candidates running for political office?