• English III

    Ms. Chambers


    Office Hours: I’m here every morning at 7:30. To meet after school, please make an appointment.

    Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide integrated educational experiences in reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking, language, and literature using listening, speaking, and writing assignments.

    Course Content:

    • Active reading of varied texts for explicit and inferential content.
    • Analysis of literature and informational texts
    • writing for varied purposes
    • listening, speaking, and viewing strategies with emphasis on the use of evidence for support
    • peer collaboration

    Grading: Letter grades will be based awarded on percentages earned, using the Marion County Grading Scale (90-100 = A; 80-89 = B; etc.). The components of the class will be weighted as follows:

                Homework:                                                     10%

                Class Participation/Journals/Quizzes:             40%

                Tests/Assessments/Projects:                           50%

    Supplies: paper, pens (black ink), pencils, binder

    Late assignment policy: Late assignments will be deducted one letter grade for every day past the due date. All late assignments will be accepted up to the end of the nine weeks for 50% credit.

    Make up work: Make up work is your responsibility. If you need to make up a test or quiz, schedule a time to do so with me (in a timely manner). When you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to check my website to find out what you missed. If you are missing for more than one day, you need to email me to find out what you missed.

    You need to make up tests within 1 week of returning to class after being absent, otherwise it will go in as a zero.

    Tests need to be made up before or after school. It is up to you to schedule a time to do so.





    Class Rules and Expectations:

    • BE ON TIME. This means IN YOUR SEAT by the time the tardy bell rings and ready to begin (i.e. sharpen pencils, have paper out, etc.)
    • When you enter the classroom, look up at the board for assignments. You will generally be assigned bellwork to be completed within the first 5 minutes of class.
    • Be prepared and have the proper supplies (pencils, pens, paper) – do not waste time asking for supplies that you should have.


    • Classroom seating arrangements are subject to change at my discretion – just because you sit in one spot several days in a row (or weeks) doesn’t mean you will remain there the rest of the year.
    • Don’t get out of your seat without permission.
    • If you need something (question, throw something away, sharpen pencil, etc.) RAISE YOUR HAND and DO NOT CALL OUT. I may not get to you right away, but I will get to you as soon as possible.
    • Use appropriate and respectful language – no cursing.
      • This should be a comfortable learning environment, just because someone has a different opinion than you, doesn’t mean you can disrespect or talk down to them.
    • Your cellphone should be OFF/SILENT and OUT OF SIGHT (in your backpack/purse – not just in your pocket where you just need to check it “real quick”.
      • There is a clock up on the front wall, so you don’t need to take out your cellphone to check the time.
    • No eating in class.
    • Do not throw anything (this includes trying to throw something in a trashcan – from any distance). If you throw something, you will pick up the classroom floor before dismissal.
      • Do not just drop things on the floor, you are in 11th grade, you should be able to clean up after yourself.
    • Put everything back where you found it. If something is out of place when you find it, put it back in its proper place.


    • Illegible work will be returned with a grade of “0%” until redone. If I can’t read it, then I can’t grade it.
    • CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. You will receive a zero on the assignment/test if you are caught cheating and a referral.