• Syllabus


    SOAR Expectations

                Here at Lake Weir Middle School our overall school expectation is for students to SOAR everyday.

    • S- Say it with kindness
    • O- Own it
    • Act responsibly
    • R- Respect all



    • One composition notebook
    • One duo-tang folder with the prongs
    • Pens or pencils
    • Extra erasers if needed
    • Highlighter
    • Recommended- at home internet access



    Classroom Rules & Procedures

                In order to learn everything we need to this year I expect you to give 100% when doing classwork, homework, tests, and while following the rules. I expect my students to SOAR everyday while in my classroom and while transitioning between classes.


    1. Be on time- on time means you are in your seat working quietly on your bell work before the tardy bell rings.
    2. Entering the room- walk into the room quietly, look at the front board for the items you will need for the day, retrieve your notebook, folder and items, find your seat, and begin your bell work.
    3. Be prepared- have all necessary items on your desk before the tardy bell rings. You will not be allowed to move around the room to get missing items once the bell has rung and class has started.
    4. Raise your hand and wait quietly to be acknowledged.
    5. No food, gum, candy, mints, or drinks other than non-flavored water.
    6. No cell phones or electronic devices during class time unless I have specified otherwise. All devices are to be turned off completely and in your backpack.
    7. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
    8. No hairbrushes, body sprays, lotions, or deodorant sprays are allowed in the classroom.
    9. Using the bathroom- You will sign out before you leave to use the bathroom and sign back in when you return. You should try to use the bathroom before class starts. If you leave the room while I am talking you may miss out on important information.
    10. Turning in work- You will turn in your classwork worksheets into a bin on the counter marked “Turn in.” If you have been absent and/or are turning in missing work, you will turn it in to a different bin marked “Late work.”
    11. Making up work- After you return from being absent you are to check the back calendar for what assignments were done while you were out. You will find the corresponding work in your designated block folder in the bin labeled “Absent work.” You have one day to make up your work for each day you were absent.
    12. Missing work- Failure to turn any work in on time will result in a deduction of 5 points per day until the work is turned in.
    13. Participation- We will be doing a couple hands-on activities, projects, and class discussions. Participation in class is required and will earn you class points, as well as a participation grade.
    14. Homework- Homework will be given on a weekly basis. You should check the board for homework every Monday. It is due on Thursday and Friday, depending on your block schedule. Late work will not be accepted. You will turn your homework in to the bin labeled “Homework.”
    15. Exiting the classroom- You are to remain in your assigned seat when the bell rings. I will dismiss you when everyone is following this rule. Student leaving building 4 will leave on the first bell. Students going to another class in building 4 will leave on the second bell.
    16. Attendance- It is very important for you to be here every day. We will cover a lot of information each day and if you aren’t here it will be easy to fall behind.



    I will be using Class Dojo which will allow you to earn class points by following the rules, but also lose points by breaking the rules.  You will be able to use these points to earn rewards.  The class with the most points every quarter will earn a special reward.




    Grades are weighed as followed-

                Classwork/quizzes: 45%

                Tests/projects: 45%

                Homework: 10%

    Parents can come into the front office and register for access to Skyward. You can check your grades and missing assignments through your student portal.


    You will be required to take the Civics End of Course Exam in May.  This exam is worth 30% of your overall grade.  It is very important that you study all year in order to do well on this exam.  Listed below are some good websites you can use at home to help you study.