Stone Soup

  • Stone Soup

    Storytelling promotes receptive language development and helps children understand rhythmic language and narrative structure.  Watching these colorful tales develops comprehension skills, expands vocabulary, increases visual processing, and aids in memory recall.  The manipulatives in this kit will aid in expressive language skills as the child retells the story over and over again.  As children comprehend the stories and their confidence builds, they will want to read the accompanying story books independently, instilling confidence and a love of reading.

    Fairy Tales:

    Stone Soup


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    Once Upon a Time: Stone Soup

    Once Upon a Sign is a series of classic children's stories re-created with modern themes and performed entirely in beautiful American Sign Language. Delight the whole family all over again in timeless stories with new twists. 



    Stone Soup (Flip-up Fairy Tales)

    Stone Soup is a great story about people coming together and accomplishing great things.  The flip-up part of this book helps children work on prediction skills and allows adults to scaffold for more information. 



    Peaceable Kingdom/Stone Soup Award Winning Cooperative Game

    This is a classic game of cooperation.  Players work together to "cook" a soup by matching cards.  This is a great game for language acquisition and social development to complement the above DVD’s & books



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