English Skills, Figurative Language, and Idiom Kit

  • English Skills, Figurative Language, and Idiom Kit

    Idiomatic expressions are part of American culture and literature.  Understanding idioms and where the figurative language derived from is imperative to understanding American culture, our history, and increasing the students’ schema.  This will also help teachers’ present idioms as non-arbitrary features of language.  Deaf students will gain a bicultural and bilingual understanding.  Language impaired students will benefit greatly from the common sound patterns and rhythmic nature of idiomatic and figurative language.

    Idiom Kit

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    Teach Me Idioms in American Sign Language

    These 5 DVD discs provides a comprehensive way for individual students to learn 500 of the common English idioms with easy-to-read meanings and examples 



    Idioms! Do You See What I’m Saying?

    This DVD showcases 35 idioms and the vast different ways they can be accurately portrayed in ASL contingent on the intent of the English speaker/author



    Idioms Fun Deck Cards

    56 colorfully illustrated Cards

     A fun way for students to learn and practice basic language arts skills, social skills, and sign language implementation of the above purchased DVD concepts



    Teach Me English in ASL

    “The ‘Teach Me English in ASL’ DVD unlocks vast learning potential, empowering you as a teacher and making your job far easier and more effective. The DVD also breaks though the deaf learner’s deeply rooted language barriers, further empowering their ability to learn English.” 



    Teach Me English in ASL Workbook

    This workbook helps the student implement what they learned by watching the Teach Me English in ASL DVD.



    Teach Me Vocabulary in ASL

    This program is motivating for students to proceed with intelligent and functional work materials.  This will provide a chance for students to gain a strong language foundation in American Sign Language.  This strong ASL foundation will help pave the way to stronger English skills.



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