Fingerspelling Kit

  • Fingerspelling Kit

    Fingerspelling is most often utilized to spell people’s names, places, books, film titles, products and other words for which no sign exists. It can also be used for spelling words for clarification or if a person does not know the sign. Spelling words with hand movements can also be used to emphasize or clarify a particular word which is a common practice when educating students.  This kit is imperative to the success of learning sign language.

    Fingerspelling Kit

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    Triple Your Fingerspelling Speed

    These 4 DVDs can help solve most difficulties related to reading fingerspelling & will enrich your receptive skills to reading speedy fingerspelling, accelerate reading from alphabet to long words, carry a variety of eye exercises, enhance memory and focus, & present elaborate fingerspelling patterns that will challenge.



    Native Fingerspelling

    Then watch this DVD where we will improve both our receptive and expressive fingerspelling skills in new and creative ways.  This DVD will be fun, stimulating and very different



    Plan Toys Hand Sign Alphabet A-Z

    26 piece set features an impressed upper case and lower case letters, and corresponding American hand sign language picture Colorful and tactile



    Center Enterprise CE855 "Sign Language Alphabet" Stamp

    This Set Of Manual Alphabet Stamps Contains 26 Letters And Each Stamp Has An Easy-To-Grip Wooden Handle. Good For Reinforcing Skills



    Sign Language Peg Puzzle

    This see-inside puzzle makes the connection between the manual alphabet, the written equivalent and phonics. Beneath each piece is the corresponding letter in upper and lower case, and a picture of an object beginning with the letter.



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