Driver’s Education Kit

  • Driver’s Education Kit

    The Driver’s Education Kit provides clear drivers education instruction from an instructor fluent in American Sign Language.  This kit provides clear instruction on the rules of the road and takes abstract ideas and makes them visual and concrete.  This video kit is imperative to future independence and job readiness for future students.

    These videos were all purchased at if you are interested in purchasing for your classroom or child.

    Driver’s Ed. Kit

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    Driver’s Education in American Sign Language

    DVD 1:  Becoming a New Driver
    DVD 2:  Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
    DVD 3:  Operating Your Vehicle
    DVD 4:  Maneuvers
    DVD 5:  Safe Driving with IPDE (Identify Predict Decide Execute)
    DVD 6:  Driving Under Emotional Duress
    DVD 7:  Driving Under The Influence
    DVD 8:  Avoiding Distractions
    DVD 9:  Controlling Your Vehicle
    DVD 10: Intersections

    All DVD’s offered by an instructor fluent in ASL



    Driver’s Education in American Sign Language Workbook

    This visually clear and full color workbook includes information regarding basic driving rules and topics, including things like handling basic rules of the road and understanding traffic signals and roadway signs



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