• Oct. 17:  Go over Health Center 21 - Health Information Technology Answers; get next study guide for Organization of Healthcare / Careers

    Oct. 18:  Term Quiz #8; copy Term Set #9; HealthCenter 21 - Health Care Systems Worksheet

    Oct. 19 & 20:  Healthcare Facilities Jigsaw activity; work on HC21 Healthcare Systems Worksheet

    Oct. 23:  Eat This, Not That! Project Assigned; continue copying info from Healthcare Facilities Jigsaw; work on HC21 Healthcare Systems Worksheet

    Oct. 24:  continue copying jigsaw notes; work on HC21 Healthcare Systems; Dental Skills Worksheet; Medical Facilities Quiz will be Mon. 10/30

    Oct. 25:  Term Quiz # 9; copy Term Set # 10; continue work from yesterday

    Oct. 26 & 27:  Assign Brushing & Flossing script; ; Finish copying Jigsaw notes; finish Healthcenter 21 healthcare systems worksheet; Dental Skills worksheet - due 10/31

    Oct. 30: Eat This, Not That! Restaurant selection due; CF Career Pathways presentation in Loft

    Oct. 31:   Healthcare Facilities Quiz; Finish & turn in Dental Skills Worksheet; work on Brushing & Flossing script

    Health Career Display Career List

    Nov. 1:  Term Quiz 10, Term Set 11; Brushing & Flossing script due today by 3:30; Extra Credit - make words

    Nov. 2 & 3:   Sign up for Health CareerMicroscope diagram; Microscope Lab; read pgs. 801-808, 821-822 - summarize each section you read (in compostition notebook)

    Nov. 6:  Turn in Meal Choices; Health Career Display Basic Info Questions

    Nov. 7:  Range of Motion Questions from Red book

    Nov. 8:  Term Quiz #11; Term Set #12; go over ROM questions

    Nov. 9 & 10:  HC21 Phone Etiquette; work on Health Career Display

    Nov. 13:  turn in FDA laws; Finish HC21 Phone Etiquette; work on HC21 Written Communication including Preparing Envelopes; work on Health Career Display

    Nov. 14:  practice phone etiquette; HC21 Written Communication; Health Career Displays due tomorrow

    Nov. 15:  Term Quiz #12; Term Set #13; HC21 Written Communication; prepare for presentation

    Nov. 16 & 17:  Health Career presentations; HC21 Written Communication; Preparing Envelopes worksheet due

    Nov. 27:  Careers Worksheet 

    Nov. 28:  finish any remaining Career presentations; Careers Worksheet

    Nov. 29:  Term Quiz #13; Term Set #14; Check out career displays

    Nov. 30 & Dec. 1:  Careers Test; Communication Questions

    Dec. 4:    Following Directions activity; Barriers to Communication demonstration

    Dec. 5:  Guided relaxation; work on Barrriers to Communication skit

    Dec. 6:  Academy Day

    Dec. 7 & 8:  Q2 Notebook Check; perform Barriers to Communication Skits; relaxation techniques - journaling & coloring

    Dec. 11:  turn in coloring sheet; practice Tai Chi; Stress & Time Management Questions

    Dec. 12: Wellness Questions

    Dec. 13:  Review for Semester Exam

    Dec. 14 & 15:  Study Hall

    Dec. 18:  1st period exam

    Dec. 19:  2nd & 6th period exams