• Oct. 10 & 11:  Glisson out - sub today -Go to Mrs. Glisson’s BHS teacher webpage (https://www.marionschools.net/domain/10490).  Click on the Medical Skills Health Career Display List.  For each of the 5 pathways choose 2 careers that you are unfamiliar with.  Use online resources to find out what that career does.  The 5 pathways are:

    • Therapeutic
    • Diagnostic
    • Health Informatics
    • Support Services
    • Biotechnology / Research and Development

    Make sure you include the pathway, the name of the career and what it does.  Turn in to the blue basket when done.  This is due today.; Health Center 21 - Health Career Exploration 

    Oct. 15:  Career Sign ups begin at 9 a.m.; Career Research Worksheet; continue HC21 - Health Career Exploration

    Oct. 16:  1 st - practice healthy stress relief techniques; 9/11 ER Documentary & questions; team building; no 2nd & 3rd due to PSAT

    Oct. 17 & 18:  Term Quiz # 6, Term Set #7; finish Career Research; Health Center 21 - Health Career Exploration

    Oct. 21:  Identify Teeth Worksheet; HC21 - Health Career Exploration

    Oct. 22:  go over answers to Identifying Teeth worksheet; brushing & flossing worksheet

    Oct. 23:  Term Quiz #7, Term Set #8; work on HC21 - Health Career Exploration or Health Career Display

    Oct. 24 & 25:  Microscope Lab

    Oct. 28:  Health Career Display boards due!!  Health Center 21 - Health Career Exploration

    Oct. 29:  Health Career Display presentations

    Oct. 30:  Term Quiz #8; Term Set # 9

    Oct. 31:  continue presentations

    Nov. 1:  2nd period only - continue presentations

    Nov. 4:  finish presentations; Red book career questions; extra credit opportunity (Today's PPT)

    Nov. 5:  Begin Phone Etiquette questions

    Nov. 6:  Term Quiz #9; Term Set # 10; continue Phone Etiquette questions

    Nov. 7 & 8:  finish Phone Etiquette questions; practice phone scenarios; progressive muscle relaxation

    Nov. 11:  ROM questions from Red Book

    Nov. 12:  go over ROM questions from yesterday; demonstrate movements

    Nov. 13:  Term Quiz # 10, Term Set # 11, practice Range of Motion exercises

    Nov. 14 & 15:  Health Center 21 - Professionalism Questions; Job Hunting Handbook Questions

    Nov. 18:  Review for tomorrow's test; Homework:  Due Monday, December 2, 2019, You must get 3 references - They must be adults, They cannot be related to you, They have to have known you for at least 2 years, For each reference you need to following information:

    • first & last name
    • How you know this person
    • phone number
    • Mailing Address
    • Email address

    Info about you...in the past 3 years

    • Any work experience you have had
    • Any volunteer / community service experience
    • Any clubs you have participated in
    • Any organized sports you played
    • Any leadership roles / offices you held
    • Your current mailing address


    Nov. 19:  TEST - Careers; practice PT Skills - applying ice bag

    Nov. 20:  Term Quiz # 11, Term Set #12; work on HC21 - Professionalism questions or Job Hunting Handbook Questions

    Nov. 21 & 22:  Finish Job Hunting Handbook questions; finish HC21 - Professionalism questions; Job Openings Assignment - Do on separate sheet of paper.  You will have to find 5 health-related job openings in Marion County.  They must be with 5 different employers.  They must be 5 different positions.  You do not have to be qualified for this position.  For each job opening, provide the following:  Job title, Company, Location (city, state), 1 other fact about the job 

    Nov. 25 - 29:  Thanksgiving Break

    Dec. 2:  1st & 3rd - turn in select answers from Job Hunting Handbook & HC21 - Professionalism; begin filling out application; 2nd period - Drunk Busters

    Dec. 3:  Glisson out on Skeleton Museum trip (sub); Tattoos & Professionalism Articles Assignment

    Dec. 4:  turn in Tattoo & Professionalism assignment; Term Quiz 12; Term Set 13; complete & turn in job application

    Dec. 5 & 6:  Applications & job openings due; Resume' - due Monday; Extra credit:  Imagine you got a call this afternoon to come in for an interview for a job you really want. You have to go in for the interview Monday after school. You don’t have the money or time to buy new clothes.  What would you wear for the interview?  You may put on the clothes and send a picture to Mrs. Glisson, or submit a written description of the clothes.  You may borrow clothes, but make sure they fit well.

    Dec. 9:  proofread & send Mrs. Glisson your resume'

    Dec. 10:  practice Interview Questions

    Dec. 11:  Term Quiz #13; Professionalism definitions & questions from red book

    Dec. 12 & 13:  Finish Professionalism Questions; Stress Relief; Begin Communication Questions

    Dec. 16:  Finish & go over Communication Questions

    Dec. 17:  1st & 2nd - review for test; TEST - Professionalism & Communication; 3rd - prep for end of year

    Dec. 18:  3rd - review for test; TEST - Professionalism & Communication

    Dec. 19:  1st & 2nd - prep for end of year

    Dec. 20:  Early Release Day - HOSA presentations