• Oct. 16:  Joint chart due; work on Skeletons

    Oct. 17:  Add to skeletal diagram - cervical, thoracic & lumbar vertebrae, manubrium & xiphoid process; go over joint chart; go over healing of fracture & types of fractures

    Oct. 18 & 19:  Skeletal Test; Skeletal Muscle Structure diagram - label parts & define them; Differentiate between the 3 types of muslce tissue

    Oct. 22:  Go over Skeletal Muscle Diagrams; Hmwk - do pg. 385 Review 1-5, Critical 1; Begin Muscle Structure Notes

    Oct. 23:  Make muscle model

    Oct. 24:  World Polio Day - participate in mock vaccination clinic

    Oct. 25:  Finish Answering Spaghetti muscle questions; hmwk - due Monday - read & take notes on Sliding filament model

    Oct. 26:  4th period only - study hall / carnival lunch

    Oct. 29:  Finish Muscle Structure notes

    Oct. 30:  Make a sliding filament model

    Oct. 31:  Sliding Filament Coloring Worksheet

    Nov. 1 & 2:  present Sliding Filament models; Crash Course Video - Muscle Cells; Muscle Writing Assignment

    Nov.  5:  Macromolecule Graphic Organizer; label Muscle Diagram

    Nov. 6:  Glisson out - sub today; Muscle Coloring Worksheet; Muscle Energy Assignment

    Nov. 7:  Finish Sliding Filament Presentations; go over muscle locations; go over Macromolecule Graphic Organizer

    Nov. 8 & 9:  Go over Muscle Coloring Worksheet; Muscle Energy Notes; Origin Insertion Action Chart

    Nov. 12:  Go over movements; Finish Origin Insertion Action Chart

    Nov. 13:  Glisson out - sub today; Muscle arrangement assignment