• Oct. 17:  Skin Notes

    Integumentary System Quiz will be Monday, October 23, 2017

    Oct. 18:  Set up Integumentary System Lab; read pgs. 114-118, take notes as you read, due next class

    Oct. 19 & 20:  Integumentary System Lab; Skeletal System diagrams

    Oct. 23:  Integumentary System Quiz; Copy & label long bone, p. 137; copy Bone Markings Table 5.1, p. 138; have Anterior & Posterior Skeleton labeled for tomorrow

    Oct. 24:  color code Axial and Appendicular Skeleton on Anterior & Posterior Skeleton diagrams; go over long bones; Assign Skeleton Project

    Oct. 25:  go over bone markings & bones of Skull; work on Skeleton Project - Project Plans due by end of class

    Oct. 26 & 27:  Skeleton Project work day

    Oct. 30:  Bone markings sort game; go over scapula and coxal bone; Osteocyte / Vertebral column worksheet - due tomorrow

    Oct. 31:  Worksheet due; go over arm bones; Skeleton Project work day

    Nov. 1:  go over leg bones; have hand & foot bone diagrams labeled for Monday; work day

    Nov. 2 & 3:  Skeleton Project work day

    Nov. 6:  go over Osteocyte / vertebrate worksheet; Go over hand & foot diagrams; label hand bones on your own hand

    Nov. 7:  Homework - Fracture Questions; Bone Function notes (see Nov. 8 PowerPoint)

    Nov. 8:  Bone Development Notes; Joint Chart - due tomorrow; study bones (today's PowerPoint)

    Nov. 9 & 10:  Go over fractures & joints; Study for test

    Nov. 13:  Review for Skeletal Test

    Nov. 14 & 15:  Skeletal System Test

    Nov. 16 & 17:  Go over Muscular System Study Guide; Muscular Structure Notes; Sliding Filament Worksheet - due today; Finish work from last class (at end of Muscular Structure Notes)

    Nov. 27:  Make a muscle model; questions due tomorrow

    Nov. 28:  begin Muscle Structure Part 2 Notes

    Nov. 29:  Make a sliding filament model - must be completed & your group ready to present it Monday 12/4/17

    Nov. 30 & Dec. 1:  Chicken Wing Dissection

    Dec. 4:  Present sliding filament models; Finish & turn in Chicken Wing Dissection write-up; Action / Origin / Insertion Chart - due block day; Have muscle diagram labeled for tomorrow

    Dec. 5:  Go over muscle diagram; Continue Muscle Structure Part 2 Notes

    Dec. 6:  Academy Day

    Dec. 7 & 8:  Action / Origin / Insertion Chart due; finish Muscle Structure Part 2 Notes; Questions to count as writing grade (Read pgs. 195; 1.  How is energy provided to muscles?  Describe each. Which is most efficient?  Read pg. 202; 2.  How do agonists, antagonists, and synergists work together to produce movement?) due Monday

    Dec. 11:  Review Movements

    Dec. 12:  Muscular System Test; work on study guide for Semester Exam

    Dec. 13:  Semester Exam REview

    Dec. 14:  3rd period Semester Exam

    Dec. 15:  4th period Semester Exam

    Dec. 18:  5th period Semester Exam