• Oct. 10 & 11:  Glisson out - sub today - work on Project Plan for Skeleton Project; label appendicular skeleton diagrams

    Oct. 15:  Project Plans due; continue Skeletal Tissue Notes

    Oct. 16:  4th & 5th - no class due to PSAT; 6th - decompress & catch up

    Oct. 17 & 18:  finish Skeletal Tissue Notes; skeleton project work day

    Oct. 21:  go over Scapula & humerus diagrams; work on skeletons

    Oct. 22:  go over radius & ulna diagrams; work on skeletons

    Oct. 23:  go over coxal bone; work on skeletons

    Oct. 24 & 25:  go over carpals; label hand bones; work on skeletons

    2019 Bone list - these are all the bones & bone markings that you should know for your skeletal system test

    Oct. 28:  go over femur diagram; last skeleton work day.  Skeletons mus be hung in hallway by 4:00 pm 10/29/19

    Oct. 29:  go over tibia & fibula diagrams; Copy table 12.2 from pg. 236, Color code for projection or depression; Read about the hyoid on p. 252, Answer on the same page as your bone markings chart

    1.Where is the hyoid bone located?  2.What makes the hyoid unique?

    Oct. 30:  Go over foot diagram; study bones w/ diagrams

    Oct. 31:  Bone marking sort; study bones

    Nov. 1:  4th & 6th periods only - study bones

    Nov. 4:  Joint chart - fill in while going over joint notes; study bones

    Nov. 5:  finish going over joints; study bones

    Nov. 6:  study for Skeletal Test

    Nov. 7 & 8:  Skeletal Test; fill in muscle structure diagram, define parts on the back; read and differentiate the 3 types of muscle tissue

    Nov. 11:  go over diagram & parts; go over muscle tissue types; Homework:  Read pgs. 356-365 (Stop at Energy Sources for Muscle Contraction), Write a 1-2 sentence summary for each section / sub section, Define any bold terms that weren’t defined on the back of your muscle structure diagram

    Nov. 12:  turn in homework; make a muscle model

    Nov. 13:  copy diagrams on p. 18 of skinny book; Muscle Structure Notes

    Nov. 14 & 15:  Muscle Coloring Pages; label Muscle locations diagrams

    Nov. 18:  go over worksheet answers; begin Muscle Structure Part 2 notes (absent students will have to see Mrs. Glisson for the notes)

    Nov. 19:  make a Sliding Filament model

    Nov. 20:  finish Muscle Structure Part 2 notes; continue making Sliding Filament model

    Nov. 21 & 22:  finish making models; Present models; go over muscle location diagrams; Homework - due Mon. 12/2 - Read pgs. 56-57, 61-66. Describe the structure of carbohydrates. Describe the structure of proteins.  P. 74 - Review Question # 1, P. 385 – Review Questions # 3-6

    Nov. 25 - 29:  Thanksgiving Break

    Dec. 2:  turn in homework; Muscle Energy Notes; define agonist, antagonist, & synergist, Tell how the 3 work together to produce muscle movement

    Dec. 3:    Glisson on Skeleton Museum Field trip (sub) - Muscular System Work; Origin / Insertion / Action Chart

    Dec. 4:  turn in Muscle work from yesterday; review muscle locations; Crash Course muscle videos & questions

    Dec. 5 & 6:  Sliding Filament coloring worksheet; review movements; Anatomyarcade.com - play Poke-a-Muscle & do crossword

    Dec. 9:  go over origin / insertion / action chart; review for test

    Dec. 10:  TEST - Muscular System; get Semester Exam Study Guide

    Dec. 11:  Set up Chicken Wing Dissection lab

    Dec. 12 & 13:  Chicken Wing Dissection 

    Dec. 16:  Finish & turn in Chicken Wing Dissection; study for exam

    Dec. 17:  4th period review

    Dec. 18:  4th period exam; 5th & 6th period review

    Dec. 19:  5th & 6th period exam

    Dec. 20:  Early  Release Day - HOSA presentations