• Service As Action

    1. A requirement of being an IB-MYP School is that HMS students participate in Community / Volunteer Service activities.
    2. Community / Volunteer Service is defined as hours that students do not receive a grade nor compensated (paid) for completing.
    3. Hours required:
      • Year 1 (6th Grade) Students - 2 hours
      • Year 2 (7th Grade) Students - 4 hours
      • Year 3 (8th Grade) Students - Community Project (See Below)


    Please click on the following link to view the complete Service as Action Log sheet:
    Service as Action Log Sheet


    Do you need help with trying to figure out what you can do to volunteer?  Here's a link on how you can help your community:
    60 Ways to Better Your Community


    Continuing with this school year, all 8th grade students enrolled at HMS will complete a community project as an IB requirement. 

     All students receive and use the HMS IB-MYP Quick Reference Guide within all of their classes.  Within the Quick Reference Guide, all Students will be able find a copy of their Service as Action Log Sheet to record their Community Service Hours. 8th grade students will be able to find their timeline for their MYP Community Project.

    Ideas for volunteering

    • JADE HAGANS’ TUTORING PROGRAM on the campus of HOWARD ACADEMY COMMUNITY CENTER.  Students can volunteer to help tutor other students.  Click here for more information
    • Give the Kids the World Village, click on the web address to learn more. http://gktw.org/help/