• All missing Quarter 2 work is due Thursday, 12/14/17. 


    This reading class will use the Escalate curriculum. Students will learn and utilize reading strategies and themes will mirror those found in their Language Arts class. Each unit, usually completed in a nine week period, will include multiple readings of a variety of texts, vocabulary development, analysis of text structures, grammar, and performance tasks such as writing and oral presentations. In addition to this, students will complete one DBQ each nine weeks. The units of study this school year will include: 

    1st Nine Weeks - Dealing with Disaster/DBQ 1- The Silk Road: Recording the Journey

    2nd Nine Weeks - Making Your Voice Heard/DBQ 2- The Great Wall of China: Did the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? 

    3rd Nine Weeks - What Tales Tell/DBQ 3- Education in Sparta: Did the Strengths Outweigh the Weaknesses?

    4th Nine Weeks - Facing Fear/DBQ 4- Citizenship in Athens and Rome: Which was the Better System? 


    Students will be required to actively participate with peers and the teacher and will receive a participation grade based on workbook completion and in-class sustained silent reading. Students will also receive scores for their performance tasks and vocabulary worksheets. Finally, students will receive a weekly reading log for homework, in which they must write a small two-sentence summary based on their nightly reading. Grade composition will be as follows:

    Classwork - 50%

    Tests - 30%

    Participation - 10%

    Homework - 10%


    All the resources students use will be kept in the classroom and students will not be required to make up any missed classwork, except in the cases of assessments, performance tasks, and reading workbook pages. These items will be made up during classtime upon a student's return.