• UnHomework


    Every Monday students will be given a list of 5 activities they can work on throughout the week to practice the skills we are working on in class. They may choose to complete as many or as few of the activities as they (or their parents) would like. For every completed activity, the students can turn in a signed ticket, which is due the following Monday. Homework Lotto takes place Monday morning. This is where 5 students are chosen at random to select from the prize list. The more activities completed = the more tickets in the lotto = the greater the chance at winning a prize! 



    While UnHomework activities are optional, nightly reading is not. I am requiring my students to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night, Monday-Thursday. A completed reading log is due every Friday to help hold the students accountable for their nightly reading. The goal for AR points is 100 points for the year, or 25 points per quarter.