• Carline Drop off & Pick-up

    Please take a moment to review the carline information with your child to ensure the safety of all of our students and to keep the lines moving as quickly and safely as possible.

    You will enter single file from the first entrance off of NW 14th St. onto the campus. You will drive past the east side of the cafeteria and then loop around the oval patch of grass. From there you will take a right and head up to the east side of campus. You will see the overhangs and sidewalks there. This is where your student will be dropped off as well as picked up in carline.

    Morning Gate Time: 9:00 - 9:25- walkers only

    1. Students: Please gather your belongings before the car stops in order to exit the vehicle in a timely and safe manner.

    2. Students are to remain in their car until 9:10 am , unless a special announcement is made.

    Afternoon Gate Time 3:00 – 3:55

    1. Parents and passengers are to remain in their vehicles while waiting for dismissal.
    2. State law prohibits anyone from smoking anywhere on school campuses; please refrain from smoking in your vehicle while on school grounds.
    3. For the safety of our students and staff, please refrain from using your cell phone while in the carline.
    4. Please remind your student to look for the vehicle that is picking them up and be ready to enter the vehicle when it comes to a complete stop. We will call names, but they should be watching as well as listening. 

    5. Parents, please pull all the way forward, even if you see your child. We will get your child to you and this helps greatly with the flow of the car line.

    6.Please be courteous to our neighboring homes and businesses. Carline begins at 3:35pm and typically ends by 4:00pm. Once students enter the carline area, students are not permitted to leave until picked up by their ride. Students will need to wear masks and practice social distancing. 

    7.Students who are not picked up within 5 minutes after the end of carline may be sent to Extended Day, and parents are responsible for paying the required fee.

    8.Finally, all parents should consider carpooling to reduce the length of the carline.

    Alternate Parent Pick-up Areas

    At this time, only families of students in our self-contained IND and ASD units will be allowed to pick up students from the front parking lot. These parents will have special pick-up signs and parking spots. We are not designating any alternate pick-up locations for the rest of the student body. These alternate locations were available for use when enrollment exceeded 1100 students and continued through Covid.  To date, enrollment is less than 960 students, so there is no need for additional pick-up areas. We may advertise limited satellite parking spaces closer to the start of school once we know how many students with special needs are going to be car riders this year. ALL families will be notified via Skylert if these spaces become available. 

    Please, do not ask your students to meet you in the front parking lot. We will not allow students to exit campus through the front office.

    Morning Clubs & Tutoring Reminders

    Parents, please remind your students that if they come on campus for tutoring or to meet another teacher prior to the start of school, they will need to arrive at the appropriate time. Students that arrive too early will have to be sent to Extended Day and parents will have to pay a drop in fee.

    •   Repeat offenders could be given Lunch Detention for refusing to follow school rules.

    •   Students should not come to campus until approximately five minutes before they are to meet their teacher.

    •   The front office is not for students to enter for regular school attendance and the campus officially opens

      for all students at 9:10am.

    •   Car riders should exit their vehicles within the carline and walkers should enter through the east side gate

      (near carline). For the safety of all involved, student and parent cooperation is sincerely appreciated.

    •   Extended Day is a service provided by MCPS's and is available at HMS for before and after school.