• Remember, you are welcome to retake any test or quiz we've had this quarter during office hours (or before). I will replace the old grade with the new one. But first you have to demonstrate to me that you know what you're doing. 

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  • May not have any more quizzes until after Thanksgiving-- Will be going through ch 5 pretty quick the week before, so do be here :)

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  • Geometry

    Quarter 1 log 



    10/15 Teacher work day - no school.
    10/16 Practiced more with finding slope and finding equations of lines. Students assigned workbook page 85/86. Due Wednesday.
    10/17 Substitute (had to go to a geometry meeting) Students worked on workbook page 83/84. Due at the end of class. (If absent, due Monday).
     10/18-19 Learned about congruent figures. Practiced writing congruence statements and using the fact that corresponding parts of congruent figures had to also be congruent. Students reviewed for and took a quiz on equations of lines.
    10/22 Finished notes on congruent figures. Students assigned book page 222-223: 9-19, 22-25, 37-42. Due Thursday. Began learning the 5 triangle congruence shortcuts.
    10/23 Triangle congruence shortcut warmup activity, students wrote congruence statements and proved that two triangles were congruent given a variety of information. Students assigned book page: 230: 11-19, 239: 13-20 Due Monday
     10/24 Students given progress reports and time to work in class on their homework.
    10/25 Student continued to work in class on any work assigned to them.
    10/26 Spirit day - didn't really have class.
    10/29 Students Learned about isosceles and equilateral triangles and were given a review worksheet on showing how triangles were congruent worksheet labeled "chapter 4 test". Due Wednesday.
    10/30 Students did more practice with triangles and proofs, and found missing angles in isosceles and equilateral triangles. Students assigned book page 254: 6-19, 22-23. Due Thursday.
    10/31 Students given a cheat-sheet for doing triangle proofs. Students given a worksheet containing 6 partially completed proofs and asked to do the rest. 1st, 4th pd worked on it in class and were given 100's for the day. For 2nd and 3rd it is due Thursday/Friday.
    11/1-2 Students practiced marking shapes, naming angles, and other chapter 1 things. We did some triangle proofs, practiced with the dry erase boards, and then took chapter 4 quiz.
     11/5 Learned about triangle midsegment theorem. Students assigned book page 288: 7-26, 40-42. Due Wednesday.
    11/6 Students recieved progress reports in preparation for the test on Thurs/Friday. We did a series of review problems and students were given a copy of the first page of last year's test to use as a study guide.
    11/7 Learned about the perpendicular bisector theorem and its converse. Students given 20-30 minutes of time in class to work on makeup work and practice their study guide.
    11/8-9 Students took chapter 4 test. Students assigned chapter 5 vocabulary on page 341 (include pictures.)
    9/18 Read the book "If you give a moose a muffin", did more proofs, and watched commercials where syllogism was involved. Students assigned book page: 116-118: 1-12, 14-19. Also students to write a series of 8 conditional statements all connected with syllogism. Both these things due Friday.
    9/19 Students practiced some random problems from chapter 2, then given time to work on assignments from yesterday.
    9/20-21  Students learned about transversals, special reltionship between angle pairs. Students worked on book page 144 and were given a participation grade.
     9/24 Students worked on review assignment on page 129-131: 1-7, 15-27 odds, 31-36 Due Tomorrow.
    9/25 Chapter 2 test day :) Students also assigned chapter 3 vocab + pictures. Due Friday.
     9/26  Academy day - no class
    9/27-28 Intro Continued to explore the relationship between the angles created by parallel lines and transversals. Students assigned 7-20 on pg 153 of their book (due Tuesday), and were given 15 minutes to work in class.
    We then looked at the converses of the parallel line theorems and proved that lines had to be parallel if we knew information about specific angles. Students assigned workbook page 67-68 Evens only. Also Due Tuesday. (Students worked on this for the last 10-20 minutes of class)
     10/1 Went over chapter 1 test. Students given a list of theorems and postulates to find in the book and rewrite in their own words. Due Friday.
    10/2 Talked about the relationship between parallel and perpendicular lines. Proved the triangle angle sum theorem.
    10/3 Talked about interior and exterior angles of polygons. Learned the triangle exterior angle theorem and did practice problems finding angles in class. Students assigned book page 175-176: 9-24. Due Tuesday and had 5-15 minutes in class to work on it.
     10/4-5 Learned about slope and lines. Wrote equations of lines. Reviewed for chapter 3 test and took chapter 3 test.
    10/8 Continued learning about lines. Wrote equations of lines parallel and perpendicular to other lines.
    10/9 Students given progress report / letter to parents that should be signed and brought back. Students took geometry quarter 1 QSMA on laptops.
    10/10 PSAT day -- no class.
     10/11-12 Test retakes, assigned book page 201-203: 9-12, 17-20, 22, 30, 36-37 as well as chapter 4 vocab + pictures. Both due next Thursday.