• No test or quiz retakes after May 8th. Until then you're still welcome to retake anything we've done this quarter.

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  • Pretty much done with tests: Will have a little house design project at the end of the year. And for those who ask about extra credit: Here is my offer, show up at my classroom between 7:50am and 9:00am in the morning and take the Geometry Nation practice tests through my computer/television. Watch the videos or I will explain problems you got wrong. (You can even use the white boards for fun.) ...I will keep track of who shows up and give you points.

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  • Geometry

    1st quarter daily log       2nd quarter daily activity log



    3/19 Students reviewed topics from chapters 8, 10. Some finished their quarterly assessment. All students assigned vocab for chapter 11, found on pg 751 of the textbook. Include pictures / information in box 2, 3 of the same page.
    3/20 Learned about radians and circles, used radians to find arc lengths, measures, and sector area.
    3/21-22 Students had quick quiz on radians. Then we learned about 3-d objects, their cross sections, how to create them by rotating 2-d objects, and what their nets look like. Students worked on a cross section practice worksheet.
    3/26 Went over area test from end of last quarter.
    3/27 Continued notes from 21st, learned volume, surface area, lateral surface area formulas for prisms and cylinders. Students assigned workbook pages 293, 301 on volume. Due Friday.
    3/28 Reviewed prisms and learned volume and SA of pyramids and cones.
    3/29-30  Reviewed prisms and pyramids, learned formulas for SA and volume of spheres, did practice problems involving those shapes. Students sasigned book pages 737-9: 8-12, 20-24, 48-53. Due Tuesday. Also 730: 9-19. Due Tuesday. And for more fun, on Tuesday we will have a formula quiz on all of the surface area, volume, and normal area formulas.
    4/2 Mock quiz over volume, SA, and area formulas. Students then learned about surface areas and volumes of similar figures. Students assigned book page 746: 7-18, 21, 22, 27. Due Friday.
    4/3 Students learned how to find density and population density. They were given a worksheet which will be due on Friday.
    4/4 Practiced density and population density. Worked on problems from worksheet fro yesterday.
    4/5-6 Learned about circles from section 12.1. Students assigned chapter 12 vocab homework and 12.1 problems 767: 6-19 Due Tuesday. Students were given a sample list of questions for the chapter 11 test and time in class to practice answering them before the test on Monday.


     Students took surface area and volume minitest. Students then worked on chapter 12 vocab.
    4/10  Learned about section 12.1 on properties of chords, arcs, and central angles within circles. Student given workbook page 319-320. Due Wednesday.
    4/11  Students learned about inscrubed angles in circles. 784-785 6-20 Due Thursday.
    4/12-13  Learned about relationships between chords and secant lines within circles. Found formulas for deriving angles based on arc lengths and for finding lengths of segments intersecting circles. Students assigned 794-795 6-22 Due Monday. Students also given factoring practice worksheet, due Tuesday.
    4/16  Learned completing the square and the equation of a circle. Students assigned book page 801: 9-39 multiples of 3. Due Wednesday.
    4/17 Students worked in class on the chapter 12 test review. Students who stayed in class to complete review givin a participation grade, else no count. (Chapter 12 assessment tomorrow)
    4/18 Students took chapter 12 test. Began chapter 9 vocab homework (just pictures and definitions for the words at the end of chapter 9)
    4/19-20 Began learning about chapter 9. Students learned about translations and reflections and were assigned workbook pages 227-228 and 231-232 due Wednesday.
    4/23 Students learned about rotations. Assigned book pages 564-566: 10-22 Evens and 38-47. Due Thursday.
    4/24  Learned about dilations, no work assigned today.
    4/25 Academy day -- no class.
    4/26-27 Went over composition of transformations -- Combining our exsting translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation. Students assigned workbook pages 239-240, 247-248. Due Wednesday.
    4/30 Did Geometry EOC review worksheet 1. Reviewed partitioning, equations of lines.
    5/1  Went over yesterday's worksheet. Geometry EOC review worksheet 2 over trig and line practice. Students will turn in first thing Wednesday for a grade.
    5/2 Went over yesterday's worksheet. Geometry EOC review worksheet 3 over volume and surface area. Students will turn in first thing Thurs/Friday for a grade.
    5/3-4 Geometry EOC practice test -- 24 carefully designed problems to mimic the EOC. Students work on them for an hour then we go over them together. Students are to keep this paper and study it before the test. If you were absent, be sure to get the notes from the S2 Worksheets area on the website.
    5/8 Geometry EOC day 1