• Chapter 7, 8 test retakes available whenever. Any person who gets a 70% or better on the chapter 7, 8, and 6-10 test this quarter is guaranteed to pass the quarter. No reason not to try!

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  • Quiz on transformations Thursday/Friday 4/18-19. Good luck!

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  • Geometry

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    3/25 Students learned about solids of revolution, nets, cross-sections and did a worksheet where they found cross-sections of various shapes. 
    3/26 Learned about volumes, surface areas, lateral surface areas, and some vocab for prisms and cylinders. Students assigned book page 704: 11-15, 721: 11-16 (one assignment) Due Thursday. 
    3/27 Learned about volumes, surface areas, and lateral surface areas for pyramids and cones. 
    3/28-29 Finished notes on pyramids and cones. Also learned how to find surface area, volume, circumference of spheres. Students assigned workbook page 297: all, and 303-304: Even's, on volume, surface area of pyramids and cones. Students were given 35-50 minutes in class to work on assignments. 
     4/1 Learned about volumes and surface areas of similar solids. Students assigned book page 746-747: 7-18, 21, 22, 27
     4/2 Testing, no class.
    4/3 Students learned about density and population density. Given density worksheet 1 from Mullinix.
    4/4-5 Students took a little 5-question volume quiz. Students given a second worksheet on volume (mine from last year) and also more word problem practice in the form of a take-home test titled "word problem fun". 
     4/8 Learned about 4 basic types of transformations -- translation, reflection, rotation, dilation. Investigated translations further. Students given 6ish question worksheet to turn in by tomorrow.
    4/9 Learned about reflections. Students saw a demonstration on desmos of how reflections work.
    4/10 Learned about rotations. Students watched rotating shapes on desmos and answered questions about how rotations worked, then we did practice problems.
    4/11-12 Finished rotation notes, students learned about dilations including how to find center of dilation. Students were then given transformation practice worksheet 1. Which was due Monday. ALL chapter 11 work due by today.
    4/15 Learned about compositions of transformations, including what happens when an object is reflected over two parallel or intersecting lines.
     4/16 Finished notes. Students given transformations practice worksheet 2 over combinations of transformations. Students had ~30 minutes in class to work.
    4/17 Career day? no class.
     4/18-19 Students learned about circles: Equations of circles, how to graph circles, using completing the square to write circles in standard form.
    4/22 Learned about inscribed angles, reviewed central angles. Students assigned book page 784-785: 6-20. Due Wednesday.
    4/23 Practiced finding angles in circles given chords intersecting inside the circle and secant/tangent lines intersecting outside the formulas. Also proved why the formulas worked. Students assigned workbook page 327: 1-9 
     2/25 Took a half step back, gave the students a cheat-sheet of sorts where we filled out every property of quadrilaterals, so they were all in one place. Then worked on chapter 6 study guide-- a whole bunch of questions on finding values of missing sides and angles in various quadrilaterals (Due Friday.)
    2/26 Students took the quiz on special right triangles I had promised them. Students were then given chapter 10 study guide part 1 on area (Also due Friday...but Monday works as well).
    2/27 Academy day -- no class.
     2/28-3/1  Students used the formula 1/2asn and their knowledge of right triangles to find the areas of regular polygons. 
    3/4  Students given ch 10 study guide part 2: Area of regular polygons. Due before test on Thurs/Friday.
    3/5 Students given progress report to sign and bring back. Students also given entire class period to work on makeup work.
    3/6 Chapter 6/10 test practice -- students were given sample problems to work on in preparation for chapter 6/10.
    3/7-8 Chapter 6/10 test day :) Ch 11 vocab kind of assigned. Won't be due until next quarter. 
     3/11 Circles and arcs part 1: Students found circumferences, arc measures, arc lengths, and areas of circles.
    3/12 Circles and arcs part 2: Students found sector and section area of circles by finding fractions of the total area and using the SAS triangle area formula.

    Students learned about radians and how to turn them back into degrees. Also how to use them to easily solve arc problems. 

    3/15 Teacher work day, no more school for students. Good luck next quarter!