• You have until next Friday (1/18) if you wish to do corrections on semester exam. If done correctly, you will be rewarded 5% on your quarter 3 grade.

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  • Chapter 7 test Tuesday 1/15. Not too long, 10-15 questions.

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  • Geometry

    Quarter 1 log  Quarter 2 log



    1/3-4 Reviewed similarity, proportions with parallel lines, triangle angle bisector theorem. Students wrote on how their actions in class reflected on the kind of adult they were striving to be. Students also had last 8 problems of handout to do as homework. Due Tuesday.
     1/7  Practiced proving triangles were similar using SSS, SAS, AA similarity criteria. Students assigned book page 455-456: 9-17. Due Wednesday.
    1/8  Practiced simplifying radicals by combining like terms, factoring using perfect squares, and rationalizing the denominator. Students given worksheet to turn in by Thurs/Friday.
    1/9 Learned about geometric means and how they could be found by drawing altittudes in right triangles. Students assigned book page 465: 16-22. Due Thurs/Friday.
     1/10-11 Students learned about the pythagorean theorem and it's converse (Which was used to determine whether triangles were acute, obtuse, or right. Students given opportunity to demonstrate mastery on 1-6 from pg 495 rather than do homework. Students also given chapter 7 test study guide. 
    Absent students assigned book page 495-497: 7-12, 26-30. Due next Wednesday.
    1/14 Went over study guide / reviewed for chapter 7 test.