• Remember, you are welcome to retake any test or quiz we've had this quarter during office hours (or before). I will replace the old grade with the new one. But first you have to demonstrate to me that you know what you're doing. 

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  • Chapter 1 test 9/13, 9/14 -- know your vocab, radicals, distance formula, partitioning, segment and angle addition postulates, and word problems with complementary, supplementary angles. 

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  • Geometry




    8/13 Introduction, ice breaker / team building activities. 
    8/14 Went over student handbook. Classroom expectations and procedures, as well as a description of what to expect in the course. 
     8/15 Practiced with fractions and PEMDAS. Students assigned half-sheet of paper on fractions, order of operations, and some radicals. Due Thurs/Fri. in class. 
     8/16-17 Talked about simplifying radicals, dividing radicals, multiplying radicals, and solving basic equations. (that included add, subtract, multiply, divide, exponents, distributive property.) No hw assigned. 
     8/20 Began learning about geometry: material's needed, undefined terms etc. Students given notes, no work assigned. 
     8/21 Continued learning terms from section 1.2 and 1.3. Students assigned chapter 1 vocabulary from pg 70 (should include pictures, definitions) Due Friday. 
     8/22 Learned about congruency and midpoints of line segments. Students also took pictures. 
     8/23-24  Students took CSMA pre-test, afterwards they began vocab + definitions for chapter 1 (found on pg 70 of the textbook). 
     8/27 How to plot points on the Cartesian plane, and how to use the midpoint formula to find the midpoint or end point of a segment having both x- and y- coordinates. Students assigned building blocks of geometry worksheet as quiz practice, due Tuesday. 
     8/28 Students learned about distance formula, and took a quiz on fractions, radicals, and some vocabulary concepts from section 1.2-1.3. Students assigned WB page 27-28 2-28 Evens. Due Friday. 
    8/29 Partitioning part 1: Students learned how to partition line segments in 1 and 2 variables and determine the ratio into which a point split a given segment. Students given partitioning practice worksheet. Due Tuesday.
    8/30-31 Students practiced assorted problems from earlier this year. Students were given about 30 minutes to work on the partitioning worksheet (or anything else they needed to work on), and then we learned about angles. Assigned Book pg 31-32. 6-23, 29. Due Wednesday.
     9/3 Labor Day - No school. 
     9/4 Learned about angle pairs (vertical, linear pair, supplementary, complementary, etc.) Students assigned book page 38: 7-26. Due Friday. We also went over the quiz from last Tuesday. 
     9/5 Learned about perpendicular and perpendicular bisector. Students practiced problems using supplementary and complementary angles and then had time to work on assignments from last week and Tuesday.
    9/6-7 Review questions for chapter 1 test, vocab quiz, students given progress reports and worked on missing assignments. 
     9/10 Printer was being a pain: Students worked on chapter 2 vocabulary from book page 129. Due Friday. 
    9/11 Learned about conditional statements, converses, inverses, etc. Students assigned workbook page 39-40: 1-13, 15. Due Friday. 
     9/12 Continued learning about conditional statments, also Biconditional statements. Students did book page 101-102: 9-14, 22-27. Due Monday.
    9/13-14 Students took geometry chapter 1 test, I am no longer collecting chapter 1 work. Students have until chapter 2 test to make sure all chapter 2 work is turned in.