• Students encouraged to retake tests Monday or Tuesday before the quarter ends when we come back from spring break. Remember to have retake packets completed and test corrections done or attempted before coming in to do so -- no sense retaking something you've not practiced. -- retake problems sitting with class notes in S2 worksheets.

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  • All tests and quizzes have been given out: If you have a 0 or * for chapter 7 minitest, ch 8 quiz, ch 8 test, ch 6 quiz, ch 6 test, ch 10 formula quiz, ch 10 test, or quarterly assessment: See me on Monday to rectify this situation.

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  • Geometry

    1st quarter daily log       2nd quarter daily activity log



    1/3 Reviewed similar figures, similar triangles, extended proportions. Students assigned vocabulary + select theorems for chapter 7. Due Monday (Details on notes).
    1/4 Reviewed radicals / square roots, how to simplify by rationalizing denominator, separating into perfect squares, combining like terms.
    1/5 Did proofs to show that triangles were similar. No homework assigned.
    1/8 Students learned about geometric means and right triangle similarity. Students assigned geometric mean worksheet.
     1/9 Reviewed for chapter 7 test on Thursday/Friday. Students given review worksheet. Due Thursday/Friday.
    1/10 Continued reviewing for chapter 7 test, students given 20 minutes in class to work on Mon/Tues assignments.
    1/11-12 Learned about pythagorean theorem and the converse of the pythagorean theorem. Students took chapter 7 mini-test.
    1/15 No school: MLK day
    1/16  Learned about special right triangles (45-45-90 and 30-60-90) Students assigned second page of notes to turn in: Labeled SRT worksheet in skyward. Due Wednesday.
    1/17 Went over some questions from yesterday's assignment. Began learning about trig functions. Students assigned book page 510-511 12-24 + 34-36. Due Monday (unable to complete entire assignment until Thurs/Friday.)
    1/18-19 Finished learning about trig functions and their inverses, began using them to set up and solve word problems using angles of elevation and depression.
    1/22 Practiced trig functions more, students given worksheet over angles of elevation and depression. Due Wednesday.
    1/23 Worked on angle of elevation / depression WS from Monday. Students worked on review assignment for chapter 8 test.
    1/24 Practice with special right triangles, students given SRT maze to complete. Due Thursday if not finished in class.
    1/25-26 Chapter 8 test :) Students begin work on chapter 6 vocab: words from 420; angle sum theorems on 353, 354; diagram on 393, equations on 400.
    1/29 Students learn about polygon interior and exterior angle formulas. Assigned book page 356-357: 7-8, 12-19, 22-23, 29-32. Due Wednesday
    1/30 Learned definition of parallelogram and is 5 properties in addition to those of a quadrilateral. Used those properties to solve simple equations. Students assigned book page 363-364: 1-8, 14-27.
    1/31 Learned the 6 ways to prove that a quadrilateral is a parallelogram. Students assigned workbook page 155-156 Due Thurs/Friday.
    2/1-2  Learned about rectangles, rhombuses, and squares and how to verify whether or not a parallelogram meets the criteria to be called one of those shapes as well. Students assigned: 379: 7-13, 18, 19, 24-37. Due Monday, and students worked on 386: 8-19 for a class participation grade. Due Tuesday if student was not in class to do work.
    2/5  Reviewed pythagorean theorem, Learned about trapezoids and kites. Students assigned book page 394-395: 8-36 evens, and 47-52 (skip the sketches).
    2/6 Practiced with special right triangles and worked on yesterday's homework.
    2/7 Reviewed special right triangles, trig functions.
    2/8-9  Reviewed trig inverse functions. Practiced distance, midpoint, and slope formulas and used them to classify shapes on a coordinate plane. Students took quiz over properties of shapes.
    2/12 Continued classifying shapes on a coordinate plane: Students assigned book page 403-405 6, 12-14, 20-22. Due Wednesday
    2/13 Practiced setting up word problems for trig, went over peoperties of shapes. Found vertices of polygons in a coordinate plane.
    2/14  Finished talking about polygons in the coorinate plane, reviewed some trig stuff. Students assigned 410-411: 7-23 (skip 10, 12). Due Tuesday.
    2/15-16  Students given time to retake chapter 8 test. Else, we worked on quadrilaterls + trigonometry problems (turned in for a grade, due Tuesday.)
    2/19 Presidents' Day. No school
    2/20 Review for chapter 6 test.
    2/21 Chapter 6 test. Students assigned vocab words for chapter 6 + theorems 10.1 through 10.7 (include pictures when possible) Due Wednesday.
    2/22-23 Learned about area of triangles, parallelograms, squares, rectangles, rhombus, kite, trapezoid. Students assigned: book pg 619: 8-16, 24-30. And 626: 17-25, 32-36. Both due Wednesday. (students given 40 minutes in class to work on the two)
    2/26 Learned about areas of regular polygons: Students asigned book pg 632: 8-12, 22-23, 26. And book page 646: 6-12 evens.
    2/27  Did some practice problems on areas of regular polygons. Students given time in class to work on homework.
     2/28 Academy day -- no class.
    3/1-2 Learned about circles, arcs, circumference, area, sectors, sections, and triangle SAS area formula. Students did 654: 1-8, 12-20, 29-32. Due Monday, and 663- 7-15, 22-26, 29. Due Tuesday.
     3/5  Practiced word problems involving area.
    3/6 Learned the relationship between scale factor, perimeter, and area in similar polygons. Students assigned 638: 11-21.
     3/7 Students worked on practice problems for chapter 10 test and took their quarterly assessment on computers.
    3/8-9 Students worked on area test (in partners) and if necessary, took their quarterly assessment on laptop.
     3/19 Students reviewed topics from chapter 6, 8, and 10. Some students took assessment if they were absent.