• Limits and binomials test 4/18-19. Good luck!
    Will be mostly just reviewing after that.

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  • Pre Calculus (Honors)



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    3/25 Reviewed combination functions, learned how to find specific terms in relatively long sequences of expanded binomials.
    3/26 More complicated binomial problem. Used binomials to help find probability of various outcomes. Students assigned 624: 17, 29, 35, 50-54, 57-60, 105-106. Due Thursday
    3/27   Finished practice problems for Tuesday. Students given 20ish minutes to work on homework assignment. 
     3/28-29 Students given binomial expansion quiz. Began learning about limits using graphs and tables. Students were given a worksheet on limits for homework, though they won't know how to do all of it until Monday. 
     4/1  Students learned some tricks to evaluate limits using substitution. 
     4/2 Weird testing day -- chilled and worked on worksheet.
    4/3 Students assigned book page: 789: 27-36, 48-49, 51-55. Due Friday.
    4/4-5 Learned that you could separate limits and into parts and add their results together without issue. Also learned how to find limits at infinity. Students assigned book page 817: 1-20 + 28. Due Tuesday and had most of an hour in class to work. 
     4/8 Students used limits to find slopes of functions, and then derivatives of functions.
     4/9 Finished derivatives notes, students took limits quiz
     4/10  Students practiced more with derivatives, then assigned book page 808-809: 1-6, 28-30, 33-34. Due Friday. 
     4/11-12  Students learned about continuity, and how to differentiate between removable and essential discontinuities. Students given continuity worksheet. Due Monday.
     4/15 Students given a practice test on limits from last year -- worked mostly in groups on it.
    4/16 Went over practice test from last year together. Students had time at the end of class to work on any missing homework.
    4/17 Career day? No class.
    4/18-19 Students took limits and binomial expansion test.
     2/13 Students given random sample test questions, we went over some of the law of sines problems for SSA triangles, then students allowed to work on it or work on homework assignments.
    2/14-15 Students took chapter 6 test.
     2/18 No school, president's day.
    2/19 Reviewed completing the square, it will be important as we are starting conic sections (chapter 9) Students assigned book page 99 18-23 (disregard directions, use completing the square to write in vertex form, then find the vertex). Due Tuesday.
    2/20 Students learned about the equations of circles. Students assigned book page 667: 3-30 multiples of 3, + 19. Due Friday.
    2/21-22 Parabolas! Students used focus and directrix of parabolas to determine their equations, and given equations students were able to provide focus, directrix, vertex, and sketch a graph! Students assigned: book page 668: 37-42, 61-64, 78-82. Due Tuesday. (We then did a few practice problems with circles for those that wanted.)
     2/25  Students worked on parabola and circle problems
    2/26 Gave students practice with parabolas and circles, told them some of those would be on the test. 
    2/27 Academy day, no class
    2/28-1 Students learned about Ellipses. Assigned book page 677: 1-8, 13-16, 33-36. Due Monday.
    3/4 Stuents began learning about hyperbolas
    3/5 Students continued learning about hyperbolas--this time we included the conjugate axis and asymptotes. Students assigned book page 687: 10-11, 22, 33-42 multiples of 3, 49-57. Due Thursday.
    3/6 We did practice problems on all the conic sections in preparation for a test tomorrow.
    3/7-8  Students took chapter 9 test on conics. 
     3/11 Introduction to factorials, combination function, pascal's triangle.
    3/12 Used bionmial expansion theorem to expand polynomials...mostly correctly
    3/13-14 Students worked on makeup work, most of them skipped class. Some did binomial problems out of the book for extra credit.