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  • Pre Calculus (Honors)



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    10/15 No class - teacher work day
    10/16 Went over chapter 2 test.
    10/17 Substitute - Work on problems 1-11 (using polynomial long division) on page 127. Due by end of class.
     10/18-19 Students learned about the fundamental theorem of algebra. They solved and factored polynomial equations using techniques learned throughout all of chapter 2. (so much fun!) Students assigned book page 144: 1-8, (9-44 every 5th problem), 54. Due Thursday.
     10/22 Students began working on rational equations. They found vertical and horizontal asymptotes, x-intercepts, plugged in points!
     10/23 More practice with rational equations. Students assigned book page: 152-153: 2, 7-16, 31-34; pg 161: 23, 24. Due Tuesday
     10/24 Early release day: Students given time in class to work on assignmens.
    10/25 Students given time in class to work on assignments after doing a few practice problems together.
    10/26 Spirit day - not so much on the official class or learning.
    10/29 Students did review problems for chapter 2b test. Student informed they could use a page of notes on the test (but would not have that option for any test-retakes.)
    10/30 Based on observations and requests from yesterday, students did more practice problems for chapter 2b test.
    10/31 Students took chapter 2b test (Focusing on section 2.4-2.6)
    1/1-2 Students learned about angles, their measurements in degrees and radians... complements and supplements.  Students assigned book page: 265-267: (3-63, 72-87 multiples of 3), 92, 94. Due Wednesday.
     1/5 Students learned about pythagorean theorem, 45-45-90 special right triangle, and we began learning about 30-60-90 triangle and its side ratios.
    1/6 Finished learning about 30-60-90 triangles, talked about the cherokee indian chief SohCahToa and the 6 trig functions.
    1/7 Talked about reference angles and the ASTC acronym. Students asked to try some problems off of their notes as practice before class on Thursday/Friday.
    1/8-9 Learned about even, odd trig functions, periodicity, and other tricks for evaluating trig functions. Students assigned 274: 3, 4, 27-31, 42, 45-53, 75. Due Wednesday. Students also given a quiz on what we learned between last Thursday and this Tuesday.
     9/24 Students did some practice word problems that used properties of parabolas. Students given 20-30 minutes in class to work on assignments from last week.
    9/25 Students reviewed for and took quiz on factoring and completing the square.
     9/26 Academy day -- no class
    9/27-28  Learned about higher degree polynomials: Talked about lead coefficient test, general shape of polynomials, end behavior, graphing higher degree polynomials, zeros, x-intercepts. Students assigned: Book page 112-113: 1-8, 15-18, 28-30, 51, 52, 63, 64, 75, 76. Due Tuesday.
     10/1  Students learned quadratic equation (we even sang it in class a few times) and used it to find some zeros and x-intercepts. We then practiced polynomial long division.
    10/2 Continued talking about polynomial long division and then did synthetic division for fun. Students assigned book page 127: 3-24 multiples of 3, 44, 45. Due Friday.
    10/3 We did more practice problems with synthetic division together. We then learned about the remainder theorem.
     10/4-5  Learned about properties of higher order polynomials: Students assigned book page 127-129: 35, 40, 51, 52, 55, 65-67, 75, 87. Due Wednesday.
    10/8  We learned about complex numbers and how to do arithmetic with them.
    10/9 Finished learning about complex numbers (including division). Work at the end of the lesson not assgined. Students instead worked on a practice test from last year. We went over some of the answers in class.
    10/10 Did white board review activity. Will have time outside of class to review for the class tomorrow 7:30-8:30am and again 3:35-whenever after school if anyone is interested.
    10/11-12  Took chapter 2.1-2.4 test. Good times.