• Quarterly assessment and chapter 9 test will be the Monday and Tuesday after spring break.

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  • Pre Calculus (Honors)

     1st quarter activity log    2nd quarter activity log





    1/3 Went over semester exam with those few students who bothered showing up for class.
    1/4 Used fundamental trig identities to verify less fundamental identities, did some factoring--much fun. Students asssigned book page 357-359: 2, 3, 15-29, 39-44, 81-83. Due Monday.
    1/5 Did more practice using identities -- students given 20-30 minutes in class to work on homework.
    1/8  Practiced verifying trig idenities: Students assigned book page 365-367: 4-8, 19-20, 26-28, 33, 70-72. Due Wednesday.
    1/9 More practice with identities. Students given time in class to work on homework. 5th period also assigned 366: 41-50 as they determined they needed extra problems to help them study. (Due Friday.)
    1/10 Learned about angle sum and difference formulas. Students assigned book page 384-385: 3, 9, 20, 23-26, 35, 36, 46, 60. Due Tuesday.
     1/11-12 Quiz on chapters 5.1-5.2 verifying trig identities. Students shown proof for the angle sum and difference formulas. Time in class to work on missing assignments.
    1/15 MLK day, no school.
    1/16 Learned about double angle formulas-- how to derive them from the angle sum formulas, and how to apply them to find missing angles. Students assigned book page 394: 1, 2, 13-16. Due Thurs/Friday.
    1/17 Students used special right triangles and reference angles to solve equations with trig functions. Assigned book page 376: 1, 2, 7-11, 25-28. Due Monday.
    1/18-19 Practice questions for chapter 5 test, which will be held on 1/25-26. Students had time to work on homework after the review.
     1/22 Derived law of sines and used it to solve non-right triangles, in the AAS, SAS and SSA cases. Students assigned book page 414-415: (3-24 multiples of 3) + 27, 28, 32. Due Thursday.
    1/23 Finished learning about law of sines (SSA case) and learned the SAS area formula for triangles.
    1/24 Learned about law of cosines and its use in solving SAS and SSS triangles.
    1/25-26 Students took test over chapter 5. Students also asigned book page 421: 1, 5, 7, 12, 21, 25 from section 6.2 Due Wednesday.
    1/29 Learned about bearings and the format the book will write questions in. Did more practice with triangles. Students assigned book page 415: 30, 33-35. and 422: 37-40, 43. Due Thursday/Friday. (practice with word problems from section 6.1, 6.2)
    1/30 Work in class day -- students did problems on their three assignments for chapter 6.
    1/31 Began learning about vectors: Definition, magnitude, verifying whether they're equal to one another, addition, scalar multiplication, finidng unit vectors.
    2/1-2/2 Broke vectors into component form using direction angle and magnitude. Use this to solve addition and subtraction problems as well as real world problems. Stuents assigned book page 433: 1, 4-6, 25-26, 47-41, 45-47, 62-63, 67-68. Due Wednesday.
    2/5  Found dot products of vectors as well as angles between vectors. Learned how to determine when two vectors were orthogonal. Students assigned book page 445: 1-2, 17-23 odd, 29, 33-43. Due Wednesday.
    2/6 Revisited complex numbers, learned about the polar coordinate system and used polar coordinates to write complex numbers in trigonometric form.


    Survived fiery death.


    Multiplied and divided numbers in trigonometric form, raised them to powers, and took nth roots using cool formulas. Students assigned book page 456: 3-42 multiples of 3, 55-56, 61-62, 67. Due Tuesday.
    2/12 Review of vectors (fun filled test this Thusday/Friday over chapter 6...80% sure.)
    2/13 Went over chapter 5 test, did a few practice problems with law of sines and law of cosines.
    2/14 Students worked on a series of practice test questions in class while I helped a bit.
    2/15-16 Chapter 6 test :)
    2/19 Presidents' day, no class.
    2/20 Learned completing the square...again: Students to write the polynomials from pg 99: 18-23 in vertex form then find the vertex.
    2/21 Learned about circles: Standard vs general form, finding radius, center, deriving the equation: Students assigned book page 667: 3-30 multiples of 3 + 19.
    2/22-23  Learned about parabolas: standard form opening along the x- or y-axis, and found the vertex, focus, and directrix. Also wrote equations given any two of those things. Students assigned book page 668: 37-44, 60-64, 75-78, 91. Due Wednesday.
    2/26  did practie problems with circles and parabolas.
    2/27  Started learning about the ellipse
    2/28 Academy day -- no class
    3/1-2 Finished learning about ellipses, students assigned: pg 679: 1-8, 13-16, 33-36.

     Began learning about hyperbolas

    3/6 Continued learning about hyperbolas. Students assigned book page 687: 10, 11, 22, 33-42 multiples of 3 then 49-57.
     3/7 Finished learning about hyperbolas, learned how to distinguish between the 4 conic section formulas.
    3/8-9 Students given study guide to help for quarterly assessment and chapter 9 test which will be Monday and Tuesday after spring break. We worked on it together in class.