• Chapter 1 test will be next Thursday/Friday. 13th and 14th. It will cover linear equations, properties of graphs, function transformations, function composition, inverses, properties of functions. These may be assessed using definitions, tables, equations, sets of points, or graphs. 

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  • Pre Calculus (Honors)






    8/13 Introduction, ice breaker activities.
    8/14 Go over student handbook, class procedures and expectations. 
     8/15 Students took a pre-assessment to get a feel for how much algebra they knew. Everyone in class given participation grade. 
     8/16-17 Learned about lines... Slopes, equations of, parallel, perpendicular, intercepts, graphing. Students assigned book pg 11-13 1-8, 12-36 multiples of 3, 57, 58 Due Tuesday. 
     8/20 Lines part 2: Students did practice problems using slopes, equations of lines. 
     8/21 Intro to functions: Students learned about domain, range, relations, functions, vertical line test, and how to evaluate functions... Even saw a piecewise function. Students assigned book pg 24-26 4-60 multiples of 3. Due Friday. 
     8/22 Students given time in class to ask questions about previous work or to work on book pg 24-26. Also we took a 15 minute break to take pictures. 
     8/23-24 Learned about increasing, decreasing, constant, even, odd functions and their graphs. Learned how to find domain and range of graphs. Students assigned: book pg 38-40: 1-8, 15-22, 60-72 even Due Tuesday.
     8/27 Students learned about horizontal and vertical transformations of parent graphs. Given time to work on assignments from last week. 
     8/28 Students learned about reflections across the x- and y- axis and how those are associated with negatives in the function equation. Students also took ch 1.1-1.3 quiz.
    8/29 Students learned about vertical and horizontal stretches, then we took all 3 types of transformations, stuck them together, and made sense of what their combined effect on graphs were. Students assigned book pg. 48-50: 15-39 by 3's, and 65-68. Due Tuesday.
    8/30-31 Finish up yesterday's notes, also half a dozen additional problems exploring the effect of function transformations on individual points. Students given time in class to catch up on work. 
     9/4 Went over quiz from last Tuesday. Talked about function notation and function composition. Students assigned book page 58-59: 6-24 multiples of 3, 35-41, 61-67. Due Friday. 
     9/5 Continued talking about function composition -- specifically, how to determine the domain of the function. Students given time in class to work on yesterday's assignment. 
     9/6-7 Practiced with finding the domain of composite functions, learned how to find function inverses. Students assigned book page 69-71: 9-18 multiples of 3, 21-24, 29-34, 59-65, 69-72. Due Wednesday. 
     9/10 Did chapter 1 review problems from the book. 1-45 every 4th problem. Students in class were given a 100% as a participation grade. Remember, test this thursday/friday.
    9/11 Students worked in groups of 2 with their notes to answer questions from last years test. Answers posted online so they can check their work.
     9/12 Did practice questions using white boards. Questions and answers posted in notes.