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    Posted by Denise Distel on 9/2/2016

    It is important for your child to study vocabulary on a continual basis.  There are three Tiers of Vocabulary Words:

    Tier One Words are those that are generally used in everyday conversation. For example: day, run, play, store, book, notebook.

    Tier Two words are Academic in nature and may have multiple meanings. For example: equation, exaggerate, equilibrium.

    Tier Three Words are more precise and generally more specific to a particular topic of study. For example: parabola, isosceles, feudalism, isotope.

    Your child will be learning a variety of grade level high frequency sight words, reading vocabulary, and academic subject area vocabulary.

    In order to help you assist your child with studying these words, I have created study sets of vocabulary words that you and your child may study online at Quizlet.

    Simply use this link to access the website.


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