• Liberal Arts Math I Course Syllabus

    Mr. Obara

    Dunnellon High School - 2017-2018

    Welcome to Liberal Arts Math I, version 2017! The course will review the mathematical skills needed for the study of algebra as well as a brief introduction to geometry.  Topics include the arithmetic of integers, fractions, decimals, and percents; applications of these arithmetic skills to problems involving measurement, percent, ratio, and proportion; and math study skills.  The introduction to algebra consists of operations on signed numbers, algebraic expressions, solving linear equations and an introduction to graphing.


    Instructor Information

    Mr. Jeffrey Obara

    Email: jeffrey.obara@marion.k12.fl.us

    Rm 1-220

    Office Hours: 2nd half of Power Hour


    If you wish to contact me, email would be the best way. I will respond to your email within 24

    hours of me receiving it.


    Class Rules

    All students must adhere to the rules and guidelines as outlined in the Marion County Code of Conduct, as well as the rules established here at DHS.


    Class Expectations

    • Show respect for your classmates, your teacher, and yourself. Respect is the main word

    in this classroom, and I expect you to give the respect you expect to receive.

    • Be on time to class! You have 5 minutes between classes.  You should be able to find your way to class.
    • Be prepared to do things! This is school, and work needs to be done. Pens, pencils,

    paper, and your work ethic are essential to this course. Come to class everyday prepared

    to use all of it!

    • Common courtesy is expected of everyone present. Raise your hand to contribute to the discussion and do not talk over others.



    • pencil/blue or black ink pen
    • paper
    • binder/folder to keep assignments
    • notebook for notes/bellwork



    Students will be expected to complete bellwork at the beginning of every class.  A notebook should be kept by each student and will be taken for an assignment grade every few weeks.

    Bathroom Policy

    No bathroom passes will be allowed until bellwork is completed by student.  If there is no bellwork for the day, no bathroom passes for the first 10 minutes of class.


    Cell Phones

    Students must adhere to the cell phone policy set by the district as well as any rules implemented at DHS.  Cell phones may not be charged in class.  Any cell phone that is used in a non-educational or class productive way may be confiscated.


    Liberal Arts Math EOC

    There is a district-wide EOC given at the end of the year. More details will be given as the year progresses.









    Points Distribution

    Assessments (Quizzes/tests) - 60%

    Assignments (Classwork) - 40%