Step Team

  • Sponsor: Mr. Chrimson Boothe


    Purpose: Create an atmosphere of unity and diversity while bridging the gap between cultures through entertainment. This team/family is a form of entertainment with the purpose of teaching members of the school and local community to demonstrate teamwork and cooperation through stepping as one team - one sound. The team's purpose is to also demonstrate unity within the community through service and by partnering with other campus clubs/organizations. 



    No referrals or disciplinary issues. 2.0 GPA, no experience required, tryouts held once a semester, boys and girls are eligible, determination, with a positive attitude that will benefit oneself and the group as a whole, and dedication to the team. Tryouts are held once every semester. 

    Mandatory Practice: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday every week from 3:00pm - 5:00 pm (unless otherwise informed); as events approach we may have additional practice days. There is no practice on a half day (unless otherwise informed). 


    Grade Levels: 9-12


    Dues: $  30.00


    Major Activities: Half time performances at basketball games; Light Up Ocala,  pep rally performances, etc. 


    Fundraisers: Various fundraisers held throughout the year.