Reading around the world
  • Dear Parent,


         Every day your child brings home their Action 100 book bag with books to read. Your child should read for 30 minutes every night, Saturday and Sunday included.

         When filling up their reading log, please do not record each title your child has read.  We record time not the number of books read.

         Every 15 minutes your child spends reading is equivalent to 1 step.


         Here is what you must do:


    1. Your child reads for 30 minutes (unless we indicate that more time is needed)
    2. Pick 2 of the books he/she read and ask him/her to write the titles in their log.  Please let your child also do the numbering, this helps them practice their number sequencing skill.
    3. Each title will correspond to 1 step (15 minutes of uninterrupted reading)
    4. Sign log by this step


         If your child reads more than 30 minutes, he/she can add more steps, just remember that every 15 minutes = 1 step.