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    Students are learning personification in English/Language Arts class. Personification is describing nonhuman things as if they had human qualities or acted in a human way.


    In the story, The First Real San Giving Day, a boy named Blanco attempts to bring home a frozen Thanksgiving turkey on his bicycle. After 2 epic fails, he finally gets it home. As he hands the turkey to his Abuela, the turkey falls for a third time, sliding across the floor and crashing into the T.V. stand.

    The task for the students was to personify the turkey (give the human quality of speaking) who was, as it says in the text, “laying on the floor mocking me and Abuela”.

    Below are some very creative ways students personified the turkey:


    “You dummy; you dropped me! You think your little, weak bike (can hold me)? I might as well be a bell on the bike. Ring! Ring! Let’s play the drop the turkey game. Drop me under a car: 5 points. Drop me in oil: 2 points. 7 points total. - Aiden Monroe


    “Seriously?!? Why are you doing this to me. I’m literally covered with oil because of you two dumb dumbs. Why did you have to be the ones that bought me. You know what? Take me back to my home…which is Walmart!” - Odaliz Aguirre


    “Take me back to Publix! Take me back or I will tell the barber to cut you bald! Don’t touch me, you oger!” - Semaj Shackleford


    “Why are you looking at me? Pick me up, you idiots! What are you? People? You (are awful)! When are you going to pick me up? Where am I, by the way? When I fell I got a concussion. Oh my (gosh)! – Braydon Adams


    “You fools! If you can’t cook me, why did you buy me? Oh my (gosh)! Please help me! All I want is to be free.” - King Hollis


    “I wish you had not bullied me. I’m going to tell the principal Mrs. Turkey because you dropped me twice: once in the sewer and the second under the car where I got oil on me.” - Franco Cepeda Real


    “Why am I on the floor? I’m a turkey. Carry me to the oven. Put the other oil on me so I can be shiny like a star. Better yet, like gold. I can be a golden turkey.” - Fatima Felix Tapia


    “Are you serious? You have hurt me so bad! I would forgive you if you cook me correctly. But your grandmother can’t even do that right. First, you tied me to my handlebars (which was painful). Then, I almost fell in the4 drain. Then your grandmother drops me. – Amilia Rivera


    “You think you are so smart, trying to be an American. You are stupid if you think oil goes good with turkey! Clumsy you! - Valentina Romero Camacho


    “You’re weird! Why did you let me fall? I don’t whose (dumber), you or that Idiota Castro? Why did you pick? I don’t know whose uglier, you or your ditto (sheets)? - Stephanie Cabrera


    “Why did you let me slide two times? (Now) I’ll taste like (motor) oil. I should have flew away when people were hunting me. – Zach Madigan

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