Company General Information

  • Company Overview

    The company is an extra-curricular activity that is an extension of the MCCA Dance program, and is not a requirement for MCCA Dance students. This is an opportunity for students to be more involved with MCCA Dance and to recieve additional training and performance opportunities outside of their regular class time.  


    In order to be in the company you must be a member of the MCCA Dance program. Company auditions are competitive and require members to attend an audition for acceptence. Please refer to the auditions tab for more information.


    If accepted into the company there may be additional fees and attire requirements. These fee's may be for costume and/or rehearsals attire, travel, and events.


    Company Requirements

    • Be an active student in the MCCA dance program.
    • Be able to attend ALL rehearsals and performances without conflicts.
    • Have reliable transportation to and from rehearsals and events.
    • Have no disciplinary or attendance problems.
    • Have a desire to perform in the community and collaborate with peers.
    • Be willing to participate in extra rehearsals, school events, and performances if needed.
    • Attend auditions on TBD.


     * ATTENTION: Due to these ever changing times, the final decisions and layout of the company for the 20-21 school has not been finalized. At this time students who are choosing the MCPS online option as well as students choosing the in-person option CAN audition. However, all students participating in the company must come to school for rehearsal which will take place before and/or after school.


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