• Student and Classroom Expectations 

    In order to provide my students with the safe and excellent educational climate they deserve, the following rules and procedures will be in effect at all times.

     In our class...

    we are kind

    we laugh often

    we show respect

    we listen to others

    we say please & thank you

    we learn from each other

    we make mistakes

    we say I'm sorry

    we do our best

    we have fun

    we share

    we love to learn

    I will treat you with respect so you will know how to treat me. If you cause a problem, I will ask you to solve it. If you can't solve the problem or choose not to, I will make the choice for you. Consequences will depend on the special person, and the special situation. If you feel something is unfair, whisper to me, "I'm not sure that's fair," and we will talk it out.


    Positive Recognition:

    I love catching students doing what is right! There are multiple ways to receive positive recognition. I verbally praise my students, give out rewards, award points through Class Dojo, and award other incentives.

    Our class is a team and we must all work together to be successful. 



    If a student chooses not to follow classroom rules and expectations, the following steps will be taken:

    1. Verbal Warning- This is the chance for students to make a good decision.

    2. After the initial verbal warning, if students continue to misbehave the teacher will make a decision for them to encourage better behavior. 

    3. Reflection Center- Students are expected to take ownership of their actions and will contact parents themselves to explain their behavior and actions if need be. Teacher will also contact parent by phone, e-mail, or a letter home. 

    4. If negative behavior continues the dean will be contacted.