• Medical Skills and Services Syllabus

    Mrs. Collins 2018-2019





    I am so glad you have chosen the Health Occupations program! I am so glad that you have decided to learn more about the world of medicine! There are over 250 health related careers available today-most with good pay and great job security!


    This course is the beginning of a progression of courses. After completion of this course, you will move to Health Science 1, then Health Science Foundations and then as a senior to Allied Health. It is at this level you will be able to go out into the community and to the local hospitals to shadow different medical careers.  At this time, the seniors in the EKG Technician course are taking the EKG Technician certification test before graduation. Upon passing this exam, these students are able to graduate from high school ready to pursue a job in the field.  After successfully passing each level of the program, you will be considered a program completer and eligible (along with other grade requirements) for the Florida Gold Seal Scholarship.  This money will be useful as you continue to study and pursue your career after high school.


    This course will be heavily focused on medical terminology (language and written terms medical professionals use to communicate), health care careers and health care facilities.  We will also learn first aid, infection control, death and dying in patients and how stress can affect our health.



    Tests/projects                          40%

    Quizzes/Article Study               25%

    Class work                              25%

    Class participation                  10%


    Class Expectations

    Be prompt.

    Be prepared.

    Be positive.

    Be productive.

    Be polite.




    -Compostion notebook or spiral notebook

    -2-3 packages of index cards

    -Notebook paper

    -Blue or black pen


    Wish List

    -2-3 packages of POST ITS

    -(Clorox) cleaning wipes

    -BOYS-band aids (any size)

    -GIRLS-box of tissues