• Health Science Foundations 2 Syllabus

    Mrs. Collins 2018-2019




    I am so glad you are back and I hope that you are continuing in the Health Occupations program because you are excited about a career in the medical field!  I hope that what you have learned in Medical Skills and Services and/or Health Science 1 has interested you and have made learning about the medical field lots of fun!


    This course is the next step in the Health Occupations program. After completion of this course and only as a senior, you will continue on to Allied Health.  It is at this level you will be able to go out into the community and to the local hospitals to shadow different medical careers.  This year you will be the first class at Forest High School to be eligible to receive two certifications before graduation  through the Health Occupations Program. At this time, the seniors in the program will be training and preparing to take the EKG Tech exam in the spring. You will have this same opportunity next year (assuming you keep your grades up and your application is accepted!). This year we will be training and preparing to take the CMAA (certified medical administrative assistant) certification test in this class.  You will take the exam at the end of this school year and it will be held until you receive your diploma the following year. At the end of your high school career, you could be a certified EKG Tech and a certified CMAA. Not only will your resume look amazing, but you could start working in the medical field right after graduation!


    This course will be heavily focused on medical terminology (language and written terms medical professionals use to communicate , health care careers and health care facilities.  We will also learn first aid, infection control, ethical and legal issues in health care and professionalism.



    Tests/projects                          40%

    Quizzes/Article Study               25%

    Class work                              25%

    Class participation                  10%


    Class Expectations

    Be prompt.

    Be prepared.

    Be positive.

    Be productive.

    Be polite.



    -Three ring binder (1-2 inches)

    -Package of 5 dividers for binder

    -2-3 packages of index cards

    -Notebook paper

    -Blue or black pen


    Wish List

    -2-3 packages of POST ITS

    -(Clorox) cleaning wipes

    -BOYS-band aids (any size)

    -GIRLS-box of tissues