• EKG Technician-Class of 2020

    Mrs. Collins




    It’s your senior year AND you have made it to the third and final course in the Health Occupations Program! Upon successful completion of this course, you will graduate (YAY!) and be eligible for the Florida Gold Seal Scholarship! With a diploma and that money in hand, you will be on your way to pursuing that career in the medical field you have always wanted! I hope that at this point in the program, you have an idea of what that career is and that I can further help you explore it this year!


    It is in this course you will have the opportunity to shadow in the community at offices, laboratories and hospitals, and see medical professionals on the job.  I will also be working to train and prepare you for the Electrocardiogram Technician exam exam in the spring.  After successfully passing that exam, you, as a high school graduate, will be holding a certificate that will provide you a “real job” right after graduation!!


    There is more responsibility placed on you as a student this year in this course, but also a little more freedom. This EKG Tech course is also considered an honors class, so do well and help your GPA even more! There will be lots of requirements, forms to sign, permission to seek, (we will talk more about these the first weeks of school) but then the fun begins when you immerse yourself within the medical world! You’re going to love it!



    Skills/Shadowing Journal         40%

    Tests/Projects                        25%

    Class work                             25%

    Participation                          10%


    Class Expectations

    Be prompt.

    Be prepared.

    Be positive.

    Be productive.

    Be polite.



    -Three ring binder (1-2 inches)

    -One package of 5 dividers for binder

    -Notebook paper

    -Blue or black pen

    -Post Its

    -Index Cards