• MATHEMATICS – 7th Grade 2016 – 2017


    Instructor: Brian Bailey, Ph.D.

    7th Grade syllabus

    Classroom: Building 08 - 008

    Phone: (352) 671-7225

    Email: Brian.Bailey@marion.k12.fl.us 

    Text: Pearson Digits Grade 7, pearsonrealize.com 

    Computer access, 1. Student portal, 2. Go to etextbook & to “Bridge” if needed.


    Academic Structure: Math classes are built around three resources.

    1. Learning Checks: These are assessments given at the end of a unit.

    2. Digits 7th Grade: The textbook will be the main resource used for the implementation of the Learning Checks (LC). The textbook is assigned to you.

    3. Mathematics Florida Standards: These Standards (MAFS) define what students should understand and be able to do in their study of mathematics.


    Course Content 7th Grade:

    Quarter 1: Unit A - Ratios and Proportional Relationships, & Unit B Rational Numbers, 

    Quarter 2: Unit C Expressions and Equations,

    Quarter 3: Unit D Geometry,

    Quarter 4: Unit E Statistics, & Unit F Probability



    Assessment Procedures: Letter grades earned will be calculated by the county grading scale using the county wide percentages.

    Marion County Grading Scale

    A= 90 – 100

    B= 80 - 89

    C= 70 – 79

    D= 60 – 69

    F= 0 – 59

    The following percentage weights will apply for each category:

     Homework, 10%

     Classwork / Quizzes / Learning Checks, 50%

     Tests 40%

    Tests will be given by the end of each chapter and Quizzes will be given throughout the chapter to assess mastery / understanding of standards taught within the chapter (unit).

    Homework will consist of completing any class work not finished in class and defining vocabulary terms for each chapter. Also at the start of each unit, students are expected to read the unit and write about two facts from the unit. 

    Students will be required to be involved with two IB-projects, one each semester.

    Student Expectations

    1. Enter class quietly, place your book bags at the front of the room, sharpen pencils, complete agenda entry(s), and be seated before the bell rings.



    No cellphones, MP3 players or any electronic devices are not allowed to be used in class.

    2. During any announcement(s) be silent & listen even if it does not involve you.

    3. Each student will be given four emergency passes per 9 week period to be used during the class period. If it is extremely necessary to use the bathroom, a drink of water, visit the clinic, or sharpen a pencil while in class use “American Sign Language”. Use the bathroom before coming to class 3rd period, plan ahead.

    4. Heading for paper: Students will head their paper as follows in the upper right hand corner for each of their papers:

    Name: Last, First

    Date: Month / Day / Year (MM/DD/YY), example, 08/10/2016

    Period: Period 3, Period 4, and or Period 5,

    4. Assignment: page number with # of problems pg. 25: problems 1-10,

    5. Make – up work: Copy assignments from Homework/Class work bulletin and they are due when I ask for them.

    6. Tardy to class: Enter quietly into class. Students tardy to class will receive the following: For the first and second tardy, student will be given a verbal warning and logged. For the third tardy, student will be logged and a call will be made to the parent(s). For the fourth tardy, student will be given a referral to the discipline office. 

    7. Class dismissal: Do not pack up early, clean up your area and pack up on my signal. The bell does not dismiss you, I do.




    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be Ready (Positive, Prompt, Prepared and Organized)

    2, Be Responsible and

    3. Be Respectful

    Consequential Behavior: 

    1st Infraction Verbal Warning,

    2nd Infraction, Name is entered into the behavior log, parent will be contacted,

    3rd Infraction parental contact,

    Serious infractions beyond the 3rd infraction is a referral to the dean of students. Parent conference will be recommended. 

    Makeup Policy: It is the student’s responsibility to makeup missing assignments. Assignments should be completed within 3- 5 days unless there are excusable circumstances.

    General Information:

    Students need to place their assignments in their in the Mathematics divider for Units A > F and more detail Topics 1 – 1 to 17 - 7.

    Supply List: Please try to help your student be prepared for class:

    1. Notebook paper, 

    2. Graph paper,

    3. Pencils, Colored Pencils, 1 red pen, and hand held Pencil Sharpener,

    5. Subject dividers (at least 8), and a

    6. Yellow Highlighter.