• MAY 26th -May 29th

    If you have not completed the last two weeks of assignments that are listed here on my website, please do so by Friday May 29th.

    I will be closing out my gradebook at the end of this week.  Thank you to those who have worked diligently and completed all assignments.


    I know this is the last week of school but I am still required to take atttendance. Please sign on to iready. Submit any  assignments that are past due. These are the best ways for me count student attendance.


    50 minutes of Iready Reading is still required for ALL students this week.

    50 Minutes of Iready Math is still required for ALL students as well.


  • SCIENCE  May 18th - May 24th

    The last two weeks of school we will learn about different kinds of energy.  Read or listen to Energy: Heat, Light and Fuel.  Write down three things that you learned about energy in the book. Please do not give one word answers;-) Write 3 complete sentences with at least one detail.


    Energy: Heat, Light, and Fuel


  • Week of May 11th - 17th

    Please check in with your Special Area Teachers for additional assignments:

    Physical Education


    (New Asignment Friday 5-1-2020.  The due date will be 5-26-2020.


     Please remember to read independently daily for 20 minutes.


    You can submit work by taking a picture and submitting via email (kim.turner@marion.k12.fl.us), ClassDoJo, or text 864-735-0485.


     Iready Reading, Iready Math need to be completed by Sunday, May 17th at 11:59.


    Pictures of completed ELA, Math, and Science work need to be sent by Sunday, May 17th at 11.59.




  • SOCIAL STUDIES May 11th - 17th


    We are working on  Week 28: Families and Trade. Please click the link below, read the story, answer the questions on last page. Submit by taking a photo of your work and send via email, dojo or text.


    Families and Trade Wk 28


  • SCIENCE  May 11th - 17th


    Pet Rock Fact Page This week we have a fun rock activity. Go outside and find your favorite rock that will become your very own pet rock;-) Fill out this fact page and tell me all about your new pet rock. Remember to use adjectives ( words that describe something.) You may paint, color or just write their name on the rock, it's totally up to you!


    My Pet Rock - For this assignment, please be creative and write a fun story about your new pet rock.