• Welcome to English 3!!!!

    2017-2018 Tentative Syllabus: English III

    Ms. Loftus

    Contact Ms. Sarah Loftus: Email: sarah.loftus@marion.k12.fl.us

    Office Hours: B lunch or by appointment. You can hang out in my room all of Power Hour and can bring your lunch, but I will only be tutoring and answering academic/grade questions during B lunch. 

    The purpose of this course is to provide you with a strong overview of American literature while developing your reading, writing and speaking skills.


    In this course, we will be reading a wide variety of American literature texts, from works written at the beginning of America like the Declaration of Independence to works written in the past few years. We will read plays and novels as a class, and you will also get to read novels of your own choosing throughout the year. Scientific research shows that the smartest and most successful people are those who read for at least an hour a day, so I want you to be doing the same. Through reading these texts, we will work on analyzing texts, developing unique arguments from texts, supporting those arguments with textual evidence and elaborating on cited evidence. You will also work on analyzing the central themes of texts and look at how those themes develop throughout the piece. Furthermore, this class will be heavy on writing. You can expect to write two-four essays each quarter; these will vary widely in length. One of the writing assignments will be completing a research paper, which we will spend multiple weeks working on. Other essays will be timed and completed in a block period; some will be homework assignments. In addition to developing your writing skills, you will develop your speaking skills to become a stronger, more effective speaker. 

    This is just a broad overview of the course. For a complete look at the Florida standards for English 3, go to http://www.cpalms.org/Public/PreviewCourse/Preview/13252 and click on the blue box labeled "Course Standards."

    English 3 is a wonderful class filled with many exciting challenges that we will work through together. In order to be successful in the course, you must be present physically and mentally and try your absolute best every single day.  


    Classroom Expectations and Rules:

    •   Expectations and Rules you need to follow:
    1.      Always do your best. Work that is not your best will not be accepted and graded
    2.      Be kind to Ms. Loftus, your classmates and yourself.
    3.      Do not talk while Ms. Loftus is talking.
    4.      Keep all devices and food away unless otherwise told by Ms. Loftus.
    5.      No whining or complaining EVER.
    6.      Do not put your head down. EVER.
    7.      Abide by the West Port 4 P's.
    •   Students must follow the 4P expectations of West Port High School:
    1.       Prompt – Using your time wisely, and being at the right place at the right time. Be in your seat with the appropriate materials out when the bell rings.
    2.       Prepared – Knowing what to do by being organized in thoughts and actions.
    3.       Polite – Showing concern and consideration for others in all you do.
    4.       Productive – Managing your time and your work.  Have a plan and execute it.
    •   Not following classroom expectations and rules, including the 4P expectations of West Port, will result in:
      1.       One verbal warning once. (This does NOT mean you receive a verbal warning every day for the same thing before other steps are taken.)
      2.       Power Hour detention/ Phone call to parent/guardian (Power Hour detentions are 30 minutes long. If you arrive late to your detention, you must stay late to make up the time you missed by arriving late. You must remain in Ms. Loftus' class for a full 30 minutes in order to completely serve a detention. If you miss your detention for any reason other than being absent, you will be given two detentions. If you skip those, you will receive a discipline referral.) 
    •       Discipline Referrals



    •   Textbook and 2 workbooks (provided)
    •   2 80-page composition books (They each must be 80-pages. No more, and no fewer.)    (These are sold at Office Depot, Staples and other places.)
    •   Loose-leaf paper
    •   Blue and black pens
    •   2 highlighters in any color as long as they are different colors
    •   Pencils
    •   Strong work ethic

    *If you are unable to obtain any of these materials, please see Ms. Loftus during Power Hour BEFORE the materials are needed for class. Bringing in course materials will be a grade, and you will receive no credit if you do not bring them in on time or let me know ahead of time that you won’t have them for class.



    •   50%  Writing
    •   50%  Reading Comprehension  

    (Homework will be factored into BOTH categories.)


       Participation grades will be given twice a quarter: once during progress reports and once at the end of the quarter. Each week's participation will be worth 10 points and will be based on how engaged you are in the class and how much effort you put forth. That means during each quarter you will have the opportunity to earn up to 90 points for participation: 45 points for the first half of the quarter up to progress reports and 45 points for the second half. The specific criteria for participation is as follows:

                         90/90= Voluntarily raises hand to answer questions (and is called on and gives a strong, thorough answer) at least four of the days during each week; has thoughtful comments and questions to contribute during class discussions; always on task; never has their phone out in class; when asked to turn and share with a partner, always stays on-topic with thoughtful answers and turns and shares immediately when told to; when called on in class, does their best to answer the question asked and doesn't say, "I don't know." Present all five days of class during each week. 

                         80/90= Voluntarily raises hand to answer questions at least three days of each week and when called on gives a strong response; always attempts to answer a question with a correct, well-thought out answer when called on; usually asks questions and makes comments that contribute to class discussions; on-task most of the time; immediately shares answer with partner when asked most of the time. Present at least four days during each week.

                         60/90= Voluntarily raises hand to answer questions at least one day during each week; usually answers questions when asked; needs additional prompting to stay on-task about half the time. Present at least three days during each week. 

                         40/90= Never voluntarily answers a question that positively contributes to the class activity or discussion; needs additional prompting to stay on-task the majority of the time; rarely (maybe once a week) has a good answer when called on in class; occasionally shares with your partner when asked to without additional prompting; present at least two days a week.

                        20/90= Doesn't have a good answer when called on in class; when you do answer, it's obvious there is barely any effort put into the answer; takes an attitude with Ms. Loftus when called on; obviously doesn't care about the class; present at least once during the week.

                       0/90= Misses every week of school; totally pays zero attention to anything all week.

    **Each student’s lowest weekly score will be dropped. So if you get really sick and miss a week of school, it will not hurt your participation grade.**


    You will be allowed to re-do some assignments, including most essays but will not be allowed to re-do all essays, tests, quizzes and activities. If you do not work hard on the assignment the first time, you will not be allowed to re-do the assignment; this will be based on Ms. Loftus' discretion. After assignments are graded and passed back, it will be announced whether the assignment will be able to be re-done. 


    ***VERY IMPORTANT: Students who receive below a 70% on an essay will be required to re-do the essay with the opportunity for full credit. Until the essay is re-done and turned back in, there will be a zero in the gradebook for that assignment. If you fail to turn the assignment back in, THE ZERO WILL STAND.


    There will be various grades in the class including essay tests, essay outlines, reading comprehension tests, projects, grammar quizzes, reading quizzes, participation, bell work activities, exit tickets and other activities. You should expect to have homework in this class, although you won't have it every single night. The better your attendance is, the less homework you will have, and the higher your grades will be! Also, expect to have homework assignments that will strictly be done at home.

    Office Hours: B Lunch

    During the school week, Ms. Loftus is available during the second half of Power Hour if you have questions, concerns, need makeup work or tutoring or just want to talk. Ms. Loftus is here to help you learn and grow, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! You can hang out in her room during A lunch to eat lunch or work on class work, but academic questions will only be answered during B lunch. 


    Late Work: 

    Late work will be accepted within the same quarter; however, it will ONLY be accepted if you write LATE, the date the assignment was due and the date you're turning it in on the top of your paper. Late work will automatically receive two full letter grades lower. For example, if you wrote an essay and earned a 90% but turned it in late within one week of the due date, you would actually only receive an 70%. Every week that passes from the time an assignment is due or a test or quiz is given, you lose an additional two full letter grades. If you received a 90 percent on an essay but turned it in 2 weeks late, you would only receive a 50 percent. Reading quizzes can only be made up within two weeks of when they were assigned.

    When students turn in work past the deadline, they almost always receive lower grades than those who complete work on-time even before late points are deducted. FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR GRADE, GET YOUR WORK DONE ON TIME. 


    Make-up Work:

    WHERE DO I FIND MY MAKE-UP WORK?? All assignments will be posted on the English 3 Assignments/ Handouts page for your ease if you are absent. You may also see me during B lunch to find out what you missed. All work will be kept in an interactive composition notebook. Every page of the notebook and what is on each page will be posted under the English 3 Assignments/ Handouts page. For example, let’s say on August 17th, there were questions you needed to answer on p.9 of your notebook about The Crucible; here is what the assignment would say on my website: “P.9 8-17 Beginning Act 1 Crucible questions.”


    You will have one week from your absence to turn in make-up work before the work is counted late. For example, if you miss class on Tuesday, August 15, you will have until Tuesday, August 22nd to turn in the assignments you missed before you lose late points. If you miss more than one day of school, you have a week from the day you return to turn in your work without it being marked late. You must write MAKE-UP at the top of your paper, include the date the assignment was due and the date you're turning it in.



    Academic Organization:

    You are required to keep a composition notebook. Ms. Loftus will keep the book with you and will tell you what goes on each page. The goal of this is to help keep you organized, so you can be extremely successful in English 3! As previously stated, what goes on each page of the notebook will also be posted on Ms. Loftus’ website.

    Bathroom Passes

    You may earn extra credit each quarter by not using your bathroom and hall passes given out at the beginning of each quarter by Ms. Loftus. If you need to go to the bathroom or leave the room for any other reason, you need to have your bathroom pass out on your desk for me to sign. If you do not have your bathroom pass for any reason when you need to go to the bathroom or get water, you may still go, but you forfeit your right to your pass, and it will no longer be of value. Those passes will be collected at the end of the quarter. If you are absent the day the passes are collected and try to turn it in after the quarter has ended, your pass will be denied for extra credit.

    Tardy Policy:

     Excessive tardies will not be tolerated. If you have more than five unexcused tardies, you will receive a Power Hour Detention for every tardy after that. If you have more than 15 tardies in the course of the entire school year, you will be written a referral.   

    Class Teams: 

    The pod you sit in will be your team. Teams can earn points throughout the quarter for outstanding work, effort, and behavior and for great citizenship (good deeds, helping one another, etc.). Each member of the team with the most points at the end of the quarter will receive two percentage points of extra credit (This is a lot!) and another special surprise. 

    Electronics Policy:

    From the West Port Student Handbook: Cell phones and similar wireless devices may be in use by students while on campus and while being transported on district vehicles provided such devices do not result in a disruption and a headphone, ear bud, or other accessory is used so that it cannot be heard by others. Such devices may only be used within a classroom under the direct supervision of a teacher and for instructional use as outlined in a lesson plan. Violation of this rule will result in confiscation of the cell phone, disciplinary documentation, and a parent or legal guardian will be required to pick up the confiscated items.

    Ms. Loftus’ Electronics Policy: When you are in this class, all devices need to be out of my sight and out of your sight in your backpack or purse. If you can see your phone, you are breaking the rules, which can result in a Power Hour detention and eventually a phone call home and a discipline referral.


    Contact Information:

    Students may contact me via email any time.  Parents and guardians, if you have a concern regarding your child's grade, the best first step is to send your child in to see me during Power Hour. If your child and I are unable to resolve the problem for some reason, you are more than welcome to email me or set up a conference through your child's guidance counselor.  If you do not have access to email, feel free to call and leave a voicemail, and I will return your call within 72 hours (three days).

    Email: sarah.loftus@marion.k12.fl.us                 Phone: (352) 291-4000 Ext. 56628​