• Reading Plus

    The Reading Plus experience is personalized to each student’s academic strengths and interests.

    Personalized Guided Practice

    In the SeeReader® activity, students read text in the Reading Plus Guided Window™ to improve reading efficiency. The Guided Window moves according to the rate at which the student is currently reading and adapts based on the student’s performance with comprehension questions. This patented technology moves students toward efficient, independent reading at a grade-appropriate rate. The Guided Window makes reading comfortable by scaffolding the silent reading process, freeing up the mental energy needed for the ultimate goal of reading: comprehension.

    Gradual Release

    As students increase their ability to successfully comprehend texts with greater reading efficiency, Reading Plus responds by transitioning them to more traditional reading formats. Text scaffolds are gradually removed in accord of each student’s reading rate. This helps students sustain attention and assists them with transferring the increased efficiency they attain to authentic reading activities.

    Student Agency: Choice, Control, and Accountability

    What’s more personal than allowing students to select their own literature?  Students explore and select the texts that excite and motivate them throughout their Reading Plus journey. With a variety of genres, an appropriate mix of literary and nonfiction selections, and many interest areas that span across disciplines, students build interest profiles based on age-appropriate complex texts.

    Intensive Visual Perception Practice for Elementary and Tier III Students

    The Reading Plus visual skills component, iBalance, uses a game-like interface to train the eyes to read more efficiently and accurately. 

    Scan is an activity in iBalance that helps students strengthen visual-perceptual skills. During Scan, students will complete activities that help their eyes move quickly left to right.

    Flash is an activity in iBalance that develops the ability to quickly recognize several letters in parallel within a fraction of a second. During Flash, students will learn to easily identify and remember groups of letters that appear often in stories and articles.