Leotard Tights Pants Shirt

    *Convertible tights have a small hole on the bottom of the foot that can be pulled up over the ankle, converting them to footless tights (with the seam landing at the ankle). These items are needed for their performance, can be purchased by me, and all proceeds go to the dance dept.


    Dance in Third Grade

    First/Second Semester

     In third grade, we will be studying Modern/Contemporary Dance during a 50 min time period 3 times per week! At the end of the semester, they will do a dance on stage (in costume) which will serve as their assessment for what they’ve learned in my class. Mark your calendars because that date is; Friday, May 17th 7:00pm at West Port High School. This will also serve as their final grade for the semester.


    Proper dress is a large part of your child’s grade. Please help them to remember their dance days. You can find them on the MSA website. Just go to the DANCE tab, then to the Semester Dance, and you will find my class schedule on the Information page. During the school day, your child will be required to wear the following attire:



    1. Leotard with tights and skirt, sweatpants, capri, jazz pants, yoga pants, basketball shorts, etc.
    2. Spandex style spaghetti strap shirt with above mentioned forms of pants. No jeans!


    Athletic style shorts/pants or sweatpants with any shirt. No jeans!

    No shoes required for this style of dance.

    Below you will find the grade rubric for proper Dance attire.

    0 infractions                E per 9 week period

    1-3 infractions             S per 9 week period

    4 or more infractions   N per 9 week period


    Please check the performance page for semester show information.




    “An Equal Opportunity School District”