•  Leotard Tights Pants Shirt

    *Convertible tights have a small hole on the bottom of the foot that can be pulled up over the ankle, converting them to footless tights (with the seam landing at the ankle). These items are needed for their performance, can be purchased by me, and all proceeds go to the dance dept.


    Dance in First Grade - Distance Learning

    Due to the Corona Virus,  our next dance classes will be held the week of May 18th thru 22nd via Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at 9:30am for anyone who wants to join me. However, you will need to download the app called Remind to your phone to recieve the class meeting code for these classes. This will be the last dance class for the year. 

    Steps for joining Remind are:

    1. Download the free app to your phone.

    2. Join a class using the code @783c32e

    3. It will send me a message and I will respond with a "Welcome" back. If you don't recieve that welcome message then something went wrong. Give it about 12hours before you try again. 

    4. I will send the id# and password for the class on remind Sunday night prior.


    Should you need immediate assistance,  my "Office Hours" will be 1:00 - 2:00 Monday thru Friday. Otherwise feel free to email me at sheila.ruotolo@marion.k12.fl.us or though the remind app anytime.


    This will serve as their grade for the quarter. You are only required to do one week for your grade. The other weeks are optional. This is due Friday, May 22nd.   



    1st grade class 04-07-20