• Language A focuses on the reading process, literacy analysis of fiction and nonfiction, and the writing process from drafting to publishing. Novels, short stories, and poetry provide opportunities for students to learn about other cultures through the research process. Likewise, students will become adept in media literacy and informational text. Technology is a valued asset in both research and project creation. Verbal, nonverbal, and audio projects promote listening and learning skills. Creative, informative, argumentative, and expository writings are strengthened and practiced several times through different units. Entry tasks and journal activities and Units are organized according to the Marion County’s Curriculum maps that target specific Language skills each quarter.


    Units in the course are varied, depending on the type of text (novel, short stories, poetry, drama, and nonfiction) and purpose. For each unit, students read text and respond to it in various methods: oral discussions, short and long-written responses, reflections, graphic organizers, role-plays, and technology-based presentations to demonstrate correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics. Since learning is a social process, students in Language A will work together in the form of peer edits, inquiry, and collaborative projects.


    Materials Needed by August 26th:


    • Loose leaf college ruled paper
    • 1 duo tang folder with pockets (stored in class)
    • Pencils
    • Black or Blue pens


    Reading Log

    Now that you know you will be doing a book report once a month, it is more important that you know you will have a weekly homework assignment. This will be a standard reading log due every week on Tuesday. You may have additional homework, but this will be a continuing homework assignment requiring you to read a total of 100 minutes or more a week (it breaks down to 20 minutes a day). Every week this reading log must be signed by a parent or guardian, and have some questions answered. This should be the easiest homework assignment because you are required to complete a book report and we will be participating in AR. More information will come.



    I am a firm believer that reading makes you “smarter,” if you are not reading something then you are not taking the challenge of becoming more intelligent.  Every nine weeks you will have an AR goal to meet. We will be visiting the Media Center often as a class, and you will have plenty of opportunities to check out books. Each nine weeks your AR goal will be different, there will be more information to come.



    Each nine weeks the breakdown of assignments and participation in class will be as follows: (the percentages represent the percent each category will represent in the total of the students overall grading, totaling 100%)

    Assessments: 25%

    Classwork: 25%

    Homework: 10%

    Tests/Projects: 40%


    Additional Information:


    The requirements and information on this syllabus are all designed with a successful year in mind. I am confident all of you can and will succeed in this, your first year in Middle School. I want all of you to know my door is open any time for advice and help. I look forward to learning from all of you, along with teaching and guiding you. It is important to be aware this syllabus may be changed at any time during the school year to better meet the needs of the classroom and you as students.