• Classroom Rules:

    1. Respect others. Follow the golden rule and treat all other people in the manner that you wish to be treated.     

    2. Raise your hand to participate during class.   I expect you to share your answers, partake in discussions, and/or ask questions; however, you should not be talking when the teacher or another student is speaking.
      1. Attempt an answer. “I don’t know” is not an answer. Students are encouraged to make an attempt at the answer when asked. Remember, you will learn for from a wrong answer than you can from not even trying.

    3. Food/Gum/Drinks.
        1. Water and water bottles are allowed, however no other drinks are allowed due to the possibility of a sticky mess.
        2. Food is not allowed at any time (unless it is during lunch tutoring) as bugs also like your food.
        3. Gum is not allowed ever. This is a cleanliness issue above all else.

    4. Be prompt and prepared for class. This means that you shall be within the classroom before the tardy bell rings.  You should also have all the materials you need for class and please notice what I have posted on the whiteboard every day.  Before most class periods, I will post a bell-ringer on the SmartBoard; you are expected to read and follow those instructions. 

    5. Cellphones. 
    1. Students are allowed to listen to music during classwork time and allowed to have their phones out during digital quiz
    2. Students are allowed to charge their phones using the surge protector on the counter
    3. Other than the above reasons, students should not have their phones out


    Required Materials:


    The following are required materials for my class:

       - Pens/Pencils

       - Notebook (Style TBD)

    Assignments and Quizzes/Tests:

    Classwork and homework will likely be out of the textbook. I realize I am not my students’ only teacher, therefore I try to minimize the overall work load. Outside of research for projects, homework should not take more than 30 minutes to complete.


    Quizzes will have, on average, between 20 and 25 questions and will cover no more than 2 sections within the unit.


    Tests will have, on average, 35-45 questions. tests will cover all sections from the current unit.

     **As a point of review, I do like to add some questions from previous sections/units to all quizzes and tests.**


    Grade Breakdown:

    My gradebook will be broken down into weighted categories. These categories are as follows:

    Homework: 10%

    Classwork/Quizzes: 40%

    Tests/Projects: 50%


    Grade Ranges

    A = 90.00% - 100%

    B = 80.00% - 89.99%

    C = 70.00% - 79.99%

    D = 60.00% - 69.99%

    F = 0% - 59.99%


    ** A note on extra credit: I may not give any extra credit assignments through the year. Students are strongly encouraged to make every point count regardless of the categories weight.


    *** I reserve the right to change this as needed, with proper notification,  through the year***