• Pre AICE Physics


    Course Description: The purpose of this course is to enable students to: recognize that science is evidence based and understand the usefulness, and the limitations of scientific method; develop skills that relevant to the study and practice of physics and useful in everyday life that encourage a systematic approach to problem solving, efficient and safe practice, and effective communication through the language of science; develop attitudes relevant to physics such as: concern for accuracy and precision, objectivity, integrity, enquiry, initiative, and inventiveness; appreciate that science is subject to social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural influences and limitations; appreciate that the applications of science may be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual, the community and the environment; acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding to become confident citizens in a technological world and develop and informed interest in scientific matters while being prepare for studies beyond Cambridge IGCSE.


    Course Syllabus

    Cambridge Syllabus 2017