• Welcome to Communication Technology II & III!


    It is great to have you back for an exciting year of work and play!

    This course is designed for those students who have completed Comm Tech I.  You will learn more about the evolution of technology, its underlying principles of design, and fundamental knowledge and skills in the use of software used in communication design.  You will learn and use the essential application software use in communication design with a high concentration on Adobe Photoshop.  The ultimate output of this course is a design portfolio created by you!  Each item or product included in the portfolio should include a narrative description and an explanation of the technical approach or techniques used to create the item.  You will also present your portfolio using presentation software to the class.  

    In addition, you will be the "Leaders of the Pack" in demonstrating competency, knowledge and skills in the Lab setting, producing the many products we have contracts for others within the school setting and the school community.  Meaning - you will take the lead in our Production of the items we sell.

    You are required to have a USB Jump Drive to maintain your digital portfolio and all items will be submitted electronically unless otherwise instructed.  I am counting on you, my elite group to be responsible adhering to the School's Expectations:  Be Prompt, Be Prepared, Be Polite, Be Productive and ALWAYS KEEPING SAFETY IN MIND.  In addition, it is expected of you to become a member of SKILLS USA.


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