• Course Outline for Pre-IB Biology


    Lake Weir High School

    Pamela Graham   

    Course: Biology

    2019-2020 school year

    Phone number: 671-4820

    Email address: pamela.graham@marion.k12.fl.us


    This class will introduce students to the main biological concepts of science.  We will cover biochemistry, plants, animals, genetics, ecology, evolution, and the nature of science.  Throughout the year students will be participating in labs, demonstrations, cooperative group activities, research activities, and the use of technology to better understand the organization of life. 




    Notebook paper

    Pen (blue or black ink) or pencil

    3-ringed binder with five dividers

    *Optional: Calculator, Ruler, Colored Pencils or Crayons, graph paper




    Daily assignments will consist of worksheets, lab write-ups, directed note-taking, projects, tests, and quizzes.   All assignments must be completed and turned in to receive full credit.  All students are responsible for any missing work. Students may contact me or refer to the school web page to for any missing work. No late homework will be accepted.



    Attendance is very important.  This class consists of labs.  Missed labs may be difficult to make-up.  Missed labs may be made-up before and after school.  The Lake Weir High school attendance policy will be strictly enforced.  Class instruction starts immediately when class begins.


    Classroom Rules:


    1. Be prepared – bring all required materials to class.

    2. Be at your assigned seat ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

    3. No classroom disruptions- do not talk when instruction is being given, working on class assignments, or during instructional time.

    4. No profanity

    5. Anyone caught cheating on any assignments (giving/receiving) will receive a grade of “0”.

    6. All electronic devices are to be turned off and not visible before entering the classroom (i.e. cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, ear buds, head phones, etc.)





    (1) Warning-verbal

    (2) Time-out

    (3) Parent contact

    (4) Disciplinary referral

    a. Direct referrals given for: Gross disrespect to the teacher, fighting, inciting a student to fight, possession of a weapon, and possession/use of any drug or alcohol product.


    Grading Breakdown:


    The following points and percentages determine grades for each nine weeks.


    Tests, Labs, Projects - 40%

    Homework - 10%

    Daily Assignments, Quizzes - 50%

    Total                                   100%

    Grading will be based on the following scale:                          

                  100-90% - A                                   

                 89-80%    - B                                                

                 79-70%    - C                                         

                 69-60%    - D                                    

                 59-below -  F

    Additional Information:


    I look forward to helping you learn the science concepts that will help you to prepare for future career opportunities.  Let’s have a great year! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at pamela.graham@marion.k12.fl.us.