• AP World History


    This Class will utilize the following online websites / resources:

    Microsoft Teams:

    This is accessible through your Marion County Student Desktop.  This online resource will have all assignments, handouts, notes, PowerPoint’s, and review materials posted on it.  Helpful links to online resources will be available as well.  You can learn more about teams by reviewing this PowerPoint.

    AP Classroom:

    You will have to create a College Board account if you do not have one already.  You will have practice AP Exam assignments to complete on this site.


    You will also have quizzes posted within your Skyward Gradebook.  These can be taken an unlimited number times to ensure mastery of the content.


    There is not an online version for either of the textbooks that this course uses.  You have to have BOTH required textbooks checked out to you in order to complete the required reading assignments.


    This class is the study of global history.  We will be working together to obtain knowledge of the global experience of human civilization from circa 1200 C.E. to the modern day.  This subject is deep, and contains huge amounts of available information.  It is also very specific at the same time and will require you to recall specific evidence to support your answers.  This class is not the study of every person and event within any given region, society, or time-period.  It is the study of the human experience, and the effect humans play on complex societies, civilizations, environments, and humanity as a whole.


    Therefore, this course will examine the history of the human experience from a global perspective in a thematic nature.  The development of human societies from nomadic groups into complex societies, large-scale civilizations, and modern nation states will be traced.  The understanding of global, Political, Economic, Religious, Social, Intellectual, Artistic, and eNvironment (PERSIAN) themes will be essential in order to gain the most from this course.