11th Grade US History

    This class will use Microsoft Teams and Skyward to deliver, collect, and record all grades and assignments.  Please use this PowerPoint to help navigate how to use Teams.


    This class is the study of United States History from the Civil War (1860s) to the present.  We will be working together to obtain knowledge of the American experience of different races, ethnicities, genders, classes, and political ideologies.  This subject is broad, and contains huge amounts of available information.  It is also very specific at the same time and will require you to recall specific evidence to support your answers. 


    The development of American societies from the Civil War through the War on Terrorism and the current election cycle will be traced, understood, and debated.  However, this class will NOT be the study of every person and event within the United States for the given time period; It WILL be the study of the American Experience as a whole, and the effect our nation and peoples have played on each other, and their impact on both American and global communities.


    It is strongly reccomended that you are issued a hard cover traditional textbook for this course.