Required paperwork for program acceptance:

    Program Application

    Student/Parent Agreement

    Employer Agreement


    To receive credit for OJT you must work the minimum hours per semester.  Your timesheet is verification. Not enough hours, you fail.

    1 OJT class:      67.5 hours

    2 OJT classes:  135 hours

    3 OJT classes:  202.5 hours

    4 OJT classes:  270 hours



    Make sure that you are signing in on your OJT days or emailing me if you have OJT all day!


    ***Changing jobs is not a big deal.  1. Inform Ms. Alexander ASAP.  2. Get a new Employer Agreement.


    ***You will turn in your timecard and employee evaluation for progress report and at the end of each quarter.

    Employee Evaluation










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