• Game & Simulation 2D Dev

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    This course is focused on students acquiring skills to create, refine, and integrate realistic 2D graphics into a game or simulation product.  Students will essentially learn how to use a graphic software package, file maintenance strategies, and migration techniques and issues.  The content includes significance of art and how it relates to 2D game graphics, intellectual property rights and copyright laws, roles of the members of the 2D Game Project Team, planning, documenting, and developing 2D game content, vector and raster based editing software.  Emphasis is placed on the techniques needed to develop well-documented, structured game or simulation programs. Extensive use is made of evaluating and analyzing existing games or simulations.  The culminating activity is the creation and presentation of a playable 2D game with design documentation.




    Students will participate in lessons to reinforce skills needed for SAT, ACT, and Florida State standards of reading and writing for college and work readiness.  This class will help students refine their reading, writing and proofreading skills, develop recordkeeping skills, learn about ethics, employability skills and how to use the assigned software to plan, design, review, and improve their course project.  


    COURSE TOPICS/UNITS AND DATES: (by nine week period)


    • 1st nine weeks: Design Principles, Intellectual Property Rights/Copyright, The Game Designer and Team, Gaming Industry and Related Careers, Evolution/History of Games and Gaming Platforms, Video Game Genres and User Interfaces, Game Development Business Model, Game Popularity and Immersion, Game Components, Stages of Development, Photoshop & Illustrator Scene/Content Design
    • 2nd nine weeks: Art Development, 2D Sprite Animation, Gaming Engines and Development Tools, Character Development and Creation, Story Line Development, 2D World Building, User Interface
    • 3rd nine weeks: Game Evaluation Techniques, Develop a Game, Evaluation/Feedback/Debug/Redesign/Reflection, Design a Game, Professional Profiles
    • 4th nine weeks: Final Project and LEOC




    A letter grade system (A, B, C, D, F) is used in this course.  The course component weights are:

    • 55% Authenticated tasks, projects and tests
    • 35% Class assignments (including but not limited to: written responses, discussions, group work, and quizzes)
    • 10% Homework, participation, and notebook checks




    Assignments, Tests and Projects are due on their assigned due date.  Students are given one day for every day absent from the class to complete missed assignments.  Late work will not be accepted unless it is due to absence.




    1. Ample time will be given in class to complete class work.
    2. If the student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor for make-up work.
    3. Each student is responsible for maintaining their class assignment files to ensure they are completed and submitted for grading.
    4. Academic success in the course requires active involvement in daily class activities. The Authentic Tasks build upon one another so it is important not to miss any classes.  The in class demonstrations are an important component to learning the software needed to complete the projects.   Again, it is in the student’s best interest not to miss any classes.
    5. Students will use their H: drive to save their work and manage their course files.
    6. This course enforces the Lake Weir High School tardy policy found in the Student Code of Conduct.
    7. Academic honesty is expected for all print, computer and online components of this course. Students must show progress on their projects during class time and all projects must be completed in class.  Students cannot share/give their work to another student to turn in as their own.  




    1. Arrive on Time and be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings. Stay seated until the bell rings.
    2. Respect others, your teacher, classroom materials, and all property (school property & personal property)
    3. Follow instructions the first time they are given.
    4. Turn off and put away cell phones and personal electronic devices while in class.
    5. In class, Students are only allowed to use teacher designated programs which are related to the course.
    6. Students defacing school property, exploring inappropriate websites, or interacting with computer components abusively, will be given alternative assignments.
    7. No Food or Drink allowed in the classroom.



    Game & Simulation 2D Dev             Mr. Fronius               Lake Weir High School 2016-2017

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