• Due Friday 2/2/18  Lesson outline 4.1 4.1 Outline

    Due Friday 1/26/18 Textbook page 65 Ch.2.2 Lesson Review

    Due Friday 1/12/18 Textbook pages 26 & 27 looks like this page 26 and page 27

    Due Friday 1/05/18 Lesson outline for chapter 1.2 Speed and Velocity

    Due Friday 12/15 No homework due

    Week of 12/4 need to study for Test QSMA #2

    Science Fair project are due!

    Due Friday 12/1 Lesson Outline Chapter 6.4 Sorry no digital copy

    Due Friday 11/17 Pumkin' Chunkin' Brochure Punkin' Chunkin'

    Due Friday 11/17 Science Fair  Research paper

    Due Friday 11/10 Science Fair Materials and Procedures

    Due Friday 11/03 Science Fair Vairbles and Hypothesis worksheet Physical Properties outline

    Due Friday 10/27 Element Project

    Due Friday 10/20 Science Fair Bibliography worksheet and Lesson Outline "Metals"Outline

    Due Friday 10/13 Turn in any missing or late assignments

    Due Friday 10/06 Compare and Contrast Historical Model of an Atom with the modern Compare contrast the Atom and Science Fair Project Ideas

    Due Friday 9/29 Lesson Outline Understanding the parts of an Atom Part of an Atom

    Due Friday 9/22 Classifying Matter lesson Outline Claasifying Matter

    Due Friday 9/8 Scientific Notation and tools work sheetsScientific Notation,

    Scientific Tools New due Date "Hurricane" due 9/18

    Due Friday 9/8 Lesson Review 3 on textbook pg. NOS 27 Looks like this. NOS pg.27

    Due Friday 9/1 Measurements and Scientific Tools Lesson Outline Lesson Outline

    Due Friday 8/25 Nature of  Science (NOS) Lesson 1 Outline Outline

    Due Friday 8/18 Safety lab Contracts ( no student will be allowed to participate in labs if not returned) Safety Lab Contract

    Due on Friday 8/18 Return of all School paper and bring in one pack of notepaper