• Grading Policy Algebra I Honors

    In this Honors course, students will be held to higher expectations than regular courses. The work will be more rigorous and will require greater effort.  Students' grades will be made up of assignments that fall under the following categories:

    Grading Scale

    Category                                                      Weight Percentages

    Homework                                                                   10%

    Classwork, Quizzes and Bellwork                           50%

    Tests and Projects                                                       40%


    Homework: Students will have weekly homework assignments. These assignments are very important to complete as they serve as additional practice for skills learned in class. Generally, students will be given assignments at the beginning of each week. They will have a week to complete the assignment and turn it in by the beginning of the following week. Any homework not turned in by the given due date will be a 0 until it is turned in, (points will be deducted for late work).


    Classwork & Bellwork: Students will earn a grade each week based on their assignments completed in class. Students will also have bellwork at the beginning of each class. Students are expected to work on their bellwork in their math folders as soon as they enter the classroom each day. Students will have their bellwork checked periodically for a classwork grade, thus it is important to obtain the bellwork form the teacher or from a friend if absent.


    Quizzes: Students will have a quiz at the end of most weeks covering the concepts that were taught earlier in the week. Students will be given several quizzes each quarter. If a student is absent for a quiz, it is the student's responsibility to come into my class in the morning or during lunch to make up the quiz grade.  


    Tests: Students will take a test at the end of each chapter. If a student is absent for a test, it is up to the student to arrange a time to make up the test. A student can take the test in class the next day, however work missed during class is the student's responsibility.