• 05/01/2020

    Take a look at FHSs Counselor's May Newsletter. It is chock full of timely information!

    FHSs May Counselor Connection


    Thank you to everyone for your patience and tenacity as we have all worked hard to make this Distance Learning functional. Remember to check Google Classroom every A or B day (whichever is your Algebra 2 day) to mark attendance. Also remember we are meeting as a Class every Monday and Wednesday between 9:00am and 11:00am for questions, new information, announcements, etc. 

    If you are having issues linking Google Classroom to your Pearson class (remember we moved to NEW classes in Pearson) just go directly into Pearson to find the assignments. As always if you have questions or issues, email or REMIND me and I will do my best to get them answered or resolved.


    Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with the many changes happening. I am still working through some technology issues on my end but they will hopefully be resolved by the end of this week.


    We are running class through Google Classroom. Everyone needs to accept the invite sent to you earlier in the week for your respective Algebra 2 class. Once you access the class in Google Classroom you MUST give Google Classroom permission to access your information on Pearson. Then you must “connect” the two applications. This will be to only way you can access the NEW classes in Pearson I have setup and will be working out of as of midnight Friday (tomorrow).

    ALL work for Section 9-1 and 9-2 should be accessed through Pearson directly as we have been doing since August (including the Quizzes), and those of you doing the makeup Chapter 6 test, go this way also.


    I will be taking attendance daily on the usual A-day/B-day schedule via Google Classroom. It will be in the form of a multiple choice questions with only one answer (yes). You must check-in by answering the questions by clicking on the radio button next to yes. DO NOT make comments thinking it will mark you present. You MUST click the radio button. If you have questions please email me.

    Please respond on your normal class day (either A or B) checking in late is a logistical problem for me.


    I have closed down the old REMIND class we have been using all year. There are now two new ones that EVERYONE needs to join. They are:

    Algebra 2 REG = @gtd4hg

    Algebra 2 HON = @7k98b4d


    If you have a simple question or comment about something please use REMIND. It tends to be quicker.

    If you have a more involved question or need me to look something up please use email. This creates a “permanent” record for me and a better platform to send a complete answer back. If it a question about explaining a problem or problem solution I will create a post in the “Explanations” section of my Teacher Webpage. (I am also still posting assignments on my Teacher webpage as usual but in the “Distance Learning” class.

    I am also keeping my “Announcements” page current with important information (like this email) as it is sometimes easier to find things in that listing than email. This also allows your parents to keep up with some of what is happening with you. J


    We will start having ZOOM class meetings Monday and will have them Monday and Wednesday. Periods 1, 2, and 3 will meet at 10:00am while Periods 4, 5 and 6 will meet at 9:00am. This should keep our number of students under the maximum count and allow for interaction and live learning. You do not have to download the app to attend as the invitation will link you through the internet. Attendance in the class meetings will NOT meet the attendance requirement in Google Classroom so make sure you keep up with that.


    Some are not checking, some are checking but not answering the questions correctly.

    Open the Question (are you present and working on your Algebra 2 Distance Learning) and simply click on the "yes" button. This will let me know your were there and update the Classroom system. Doing anything else will not update the system and leaves you "not present" when I look at attendance.

    ALSO ...

    IF you have not responded to the Invite sent out yesterday from Google Classroom do so ASAP, as this is how you will be accessing all your assignments beginning with Section 9-3. I have linked each Google Classroom with its counterpart in the Pearson Realize system. This will be a different class than to one your were accessing for Sections 9-1 and 9-2 (and the makeup Chapter 6 test). 

    In order for everything to connect, you must access the class from Google Classroom, then allow Realize to access your Google Classroom. 

    FINALLY ...

    I have finished grading of the Section 9-1 work. You can see it through your Student Portal.


    Now that questions are rolling in I am sending out expanations to questions. I will also start posting them in a new listing called "Explanations" Each question is listed separately. 



    All students in all my classes will have their assignments posted in a NEW location.


    Check the "Distance Learning - ALG 2(H) Assignments" heading to find ALL assignments during this time of "remote" teaching. 



    Online activities will commence Wednesday April 1st. Marion County Public Schools will remain closed to students through May 1st. Class information will be on one or more of the following platforms (links will be provided in posted assignments). Goodle Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, MCPS Teacher Webpage, Class Dojo (or others)


    All assignment postings will be on my Teacher webpage as homework was in the past.


    Attendance will be taken. Assignments will be turned in and graded (more information will be coming - first due date will be 4/6). 


    Your first action as a Distance Learning Student is: (this is to be completed before noon Wednesday 4/1)


    1) Email me from your Student email account (to my Teacher email account) to verify you have internet/computer access, and

    2) Respond to me via REMIND to verify you have mobile access to notifications and information.


    You will be responsible for checking my webpage DAILY to check for undates and assignments.



    As of today (3/18/20) Teachers will report back to school on March 30th, and Students will report back to school on April 15th.

    This is, of course, subject to change. There has been no information forth coming as to when 3rd Quarter grades will be finalized.

    There is talk of classes going online (but MCPS has made no comment about that at this time.) Stay tuned.

    I will post that information as soon as it becomes available.

    I do know that all State testing (FSAs, make-ups, etc) has been cancelled for the rest of this school year. S

    SENIORS - The State has said that graduation requirements and all related tests, activities, etc. are being reviewed.

    The College Board has said that AP Testing will be conducted as scheduled, but possibly in some form of online testing. That information is sketchy at this time.

    Stay safe. Stay well. Take care of yourselves. Enjoy this time off as best you can and make it constructive.

    If you have any specific questions about my classes or school please email me. I will answer as best I can.



    For those of you who are having difficulty locating the MCPS Code of Student Conduct you can find it at the link below:




    Being a part of my REMIND class is a requirement for every one of my students. Please follow the instructions below to join in.


    Remind Invite




    Welcome to our new school year, and welcome to my Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors classes.

    This is my announcement page where reminders and important information will be posted throughout the year.

    Don't forget Forest's Open House August 8th, Thursday, from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm.

    I hope to see you there.