• Hello students and parents, 


    For 5th grade ELA/Social Studies assignments, you have come to the right place! For Math/Science assignments, please refer to Mr. McIntosh's teacher website.


    Please use the following resources to help keep your student on track and ready for middle school. Students have shown SO MUCH PROGRESS this school year...we don't want them to lose any steam! 


    For ELA, students are responsible for 3 assignments each week. Those assignments are listed below. 


    (Students are also responsible for 1 Social Studies assignment each week. Please see the page to the left for the Social Studies assignment.)


    ELA Assignments are as follows:


     2020 ELA Assignments



    1.) Reading Plus

    Reading Plus: Reading Plus is an online reading intervention program that we use daily in class and will continue to use for the remainder of the year. Please have you student complete 1 reader and 1 vocab everyday (for a total of 10 assignents per week). They get 2 grades a week for these assignments. To access Reading Plus:

    1. Go to: www.readingplus.com
    2. Select: Student Login
    3. Enter: sitecode:rpeverg6
    4. For Student Log in ID: (use student lunch #)
    5. For Student Password: (use student lunch #)


     2.) Google Classroom

    You will reference Google Classroom for both Writing. Assignment topics, instructions, and deadlines will be in included via Google Classroom


    Link to Google Classroom:



    Google Classroom Code


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