Business Software Applications 2

  • Business Software Applications 2


    This course is designed to use technology to produce high quality employment portfolios, research job opportunities, and compile and disseminate job-seeking documents.  Students will continue to build upon skills learned in Business Software Applications I. They will use training software and materials to prepare to take the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Membership in FBLA is encouraged. 


    Students will need to go to their Marion County Student Desktop and access their Office 365 app and once it opens, click on the Microsoft Teams app.


    Students will see all of their courses already listed in Teams, click on the TEAM for my course. All assignments will be posted and collected in the Teams app. If you have trouble accessing your course, please let me know as soon as possible.


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    CTE Standards and Benchmarks

    55.0 - Use technology to increase administrative office support productivity and enhance workplace performance.

    56.0 - Participate in administrative support work-based learning experiences.

    57.0 - Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills needed to accomplish team goals and objectives.

    58.0 - Assess the importance of professional ethics and legal responsibilities.

    59.0 - Explain the importance of employability skills and entrepreneurship skills.

    60.0 - Demonstrate personal money-management concepts, procedures, and strategies.