• Dunnellon Middle School

    Pre- Algebra 


    Dear students and parents,

    Welcome to another exciting year at Dunnellon Middle School.  Students will delve deeper into several topics previously covered in middle school math, along with exploring several new concepts and skills that can be applied inside and outside of the classroom.  Working together with fellow classmates, we will all do our very best to succeed.


    Textbook: Pearson Digits Grade 8 Pre-Algebra

    The students will also have access to the Digits textbook online by logging on to their portals, clicking on the brown icon labeled Course Schedule under the eTextbook tab, and by clicking the link next to Pre-algebra.

    The textbook can be found by clicking PROGRAMS and homework can be found by clicking CLASSES


    Grading Scale

    Category                                                       Weight Percentages

    Homework                                                                   10%

    Classwork, Quizzes, & Learning Checks                50%

    Tests, Projects, & Presentations                               40%


    Expectations: Every student is expected to come into the classroom with a positive attitude. All students will respect one another, the teachers and the faculty. Students need to come prepared to class every day and work during the whole class. Participation in class activities is crucial in the learning process. Students will be given a short quiz at the end of each week which covers the topics covered earlier in the week. Homework will be assigned at the beginning of each week, (roughly 1 to 2 hours) and be due at the beginning of the following week. Lastly, tests will be given at the end of each chapter. 


    Necessary materials:

    Notebook Paper (Wide or College Ruled)
    Pronged Folder or Binder
    Notebook (spiral or composition)

    Scientific Calculator (TI-30Xa)


    Contact Information: I can be reached best by email: jamison.kirschenpfad@marion.k12.fl.us



    Course Overview: We will be covering the following topics.

    Ch. 1 Rational and Irrartional Numbers

    Ch. 2 Linear Equation in One Variable

    Ch. 3 Integer Exponents

    Ch. 4 Scientific Notation

    Ch. 5 Proportional Relationships, Lines, and Linear Equations

    Ch. 6 Systems of Two Linear Equations

    Ch. 7 Defining and Comparing Functions

    Ch. 8 Linear Functions

    Ch. 9 Congruence

    Ch. 10 Similarity

    Ch. 11 Reasoning and Geometry

    Ch. 12 Using the Pythagorean Theorem

    Ch. 13 Surface Area and Volume

    Ch. 14 & 15 Scatter Plots and Analyzing Data