• West Port High School


    2017-2018 Course Syllabus


    Course Title: Chemistry I          Instructor: Yamille Y. Medina


    Room Number: 08-010            Telephone Extension: 56646         Office Hour: Lunch B


    School Email: Yamille.Medina@marion.k12.fl.us


    Textbook Name: Chemistry         Publisher: Glencoe


    What your child will learn:

    Chemistry I is a class designed for students who have demonstrated willingness to tackle the challenges that will be faced in the study of Chemistry.  A desire to learn and a willingness to work diligently will produce success in Chemistry I.  In this course, students will study matter and its structure, properties, composition, and the changes it undergoes.  They will learn facts, formulas, and principles that further their understanding of Chemistry.   Students will develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques that will help them in all areas of work in high school as well as preparing them for college. 

    Laboratory experiments will be performed as an additional tool to the understanding of the different topics of Chemistry. 


    Materials Needed:

    1. Pen and Pencil

       Note: Class assignments and tests should be done in pencil—all labs will be done in pen.

    2. Notebook and a 2 pocket folder or 3-ring binder and lined paper.
    3. Scientific Calculator—needs to do scientific notation and square roots.
       Note: It DOES NOT have to be a graphing calculator. 


    Daily-work guidelines:

    Most daily work will be done in class unless a student is behind and the teacher ask you to complete it at home.  Late work will receive only partial credit (10% less for each day that is late). LATE WORK WILL BE GRADED LATE.



    You will be able to redo any classwork or bell work (no lab report) for half of the missing points. You should turn it before the deadline assign by me during that quarter.



    You will be able to retake quizzes and tests for half of the missing points only if you obtained 69% or lower. You will only have the first three days after the grade was given in class and you can only come one of those days during lunch B to make corrections and explain each correction you made. Corrections with no explanation will not be count it.

     Assessments and grades:

    A = 90-100%                                                

    B = 80-89%                                                  

    C = 70-79%

    D = 60-69%

    F = 59% and below 

     *Test and Projects: 50%

     *Assignments, Quizzes and Lab Reports: 50%


    Sequence of learning: 


    Quarter 1:

    Chapter 1                   Introduction to Chemistry

    Chapter 2                   Analyzing Data

    Chapter 3                   Matter – Properties and Changes

    Chapter 4                   The Structure of the Atom

    Chapter 5                   Electrons in Atoms

    Chapter 6                   The Periodic Table and Periodic Law


    Quarter 2:              

    Chapter 7                   Ionic Compounds and Metals

    Chapter 8                  Covalent Bonding

    Chapter 9                   Chemical Reactions


    Quarter 3:

    Chapter 10                 The Mole

    Chapter 11                 Stoichiometry

    Chapter 12                 States of Matter


    Quarter 4:

    Chapter 13                 Gases

    Chapter 16                 Reaction Rates



    The classroom will be one of MUTUAL RESPECT—When someone is talking everyone else should be quiet and listen.  There is much work to do this year and there is no time to waste.  Anyone who constantly deprives another student of the ability to learn or the teacher the ability to teach will be dealt with accordingly.  ABSOLUTELY NO HORSEPLAY OR DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE LABORATORY!  Everyone’s safety depends on it.


    Helping all students learn:

    I will be available during lunch B for extra help.