Intensive Reading

  •  Reading Syllabus

    Instructor: Mr. Lipari

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    Reading is not only important; it’s necessary. It is a tool that enables us to change our world and change ourselves. In my class, you will learn how to use reading as a tool to help you become the person you want to be. Our mantra for this year is: “Never underestimate the power of YOU.” As your teacher, I am going to provide you with information, advice, and techniques, but then the ball is in your court: you have the power to decide what to do with those things. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with all that power!


    Materials needed

    Writing Utensils
    Notebook paper

    1 spiral notebook (for ACT vocabulary and practice)
    2 Duo-tang folder with pockets and prongs 



    Grading Procedures:
    10% Homework: Reading Plus weekly sessions, Independent reading
    45% Classwork / Quizzes: Vocabulary quizzes, binder checks (random), group rotations and work within these groups (daily), bellwork, weekly Reading Plus comprehension grades
    45% Tests/Projects: assessments (ACT/SAT Prep work), short responses, last Reading Plus comprehension grade pulled (last Sunday of every month)


    Classroom Procedures/Rules

    Monday – Wednesday
    5 minutes for Bell Work (usually we are getting into our class rotations following our timed reading)
    25-30 Group Rotations: Computers; Reading Plus, and Small Group; Direct Instruction

    Thursday – Friday
    5 minutes- Timed Reading

    40 minutes- ACT Practice Test/Strategies/Grading

    15 minutes Independent Reading
    45 minutes Group Rotations/Reading Plus

    Students will be expected to consistently meet the WPHS expectations:
    Be on time (PROMPT)
    Bring all required materials to class (PREPARED)
    Put forth effort to attempt and complete all assignments (PRODUCTIVE)
    Listen, follow directions, treat others with respect and cooperate (POLITE)


    Assignments/Homework Procedures:
    Students will be expected to complete all homework by the next class period.
    Assignments are due on the announced date. 
    Reading Plus homework sessions are to be completed each week and are to be completed Monday to the following Sunday night before midnight for credit. You cannot make up a previous weeks Reading Plus homework session. The only way this works is if you complete all of the current weeks Reading Plus assignments and have time left within that week to make-up work. This will go towards making up assignments that you fell below 80% and will raise your comprehension score and allow you to level up. However, this will not change the previous week’s homework grade.
    2 SeeReaders at 80% or higher and 5 Read Arounds due by EVERY Wednesday night and ALL 5 SeeReaders are due by EVERY Sunday night.
    Cheating or plagiarizing of any kind is not tolerated in class or at the school. If you allow others to copy your work, you are cheating. You will NOT receive any credit if caught cheating and you will be referred to Guidance for disciplinary measures.


    Make-Up work Procedures:
    Students will have two days after returning to class to stop by my classroom during Power Hour and receive their make-up work. It is YOUR responsibility to see if you have missed any work. I am free during the entire Power Hour period. You can also access my teacher website during your absence or after.


    Testing Procedures:

    Students will be tested for concept mastery at the end of each reading assignment and learning unit.