• Welcome to PreCalculus Honors

    I'm so excited to learn with you this year! Here you can see all the great tech we will use to make this year engaging, 21st century, and fresh!


    PreCalculus is primarily the study of abstract mathematical concepts with familiar functions. Abstract in this sense means you will learn the general behaviors of many function types. Knowing these behaviors, being able to generalize, and theorize outcomes is essential for all mathematical classes after PreCalculus. We will review the functions seen in Algebra 2, further study trig, introduce vectors, deepen knowledge of conic sections, and finally introduce the idea of a limit which calculus is built upon. Be ready to challenge yourself and persevere! You'll do great if you commit yourself to it and I'm always here to help!


    Below are the platforms that will help us make this year as productive as possible despite the unique situation we find ourself in. 



    Google Classroom

    Google Classroom will be our learning management system. Through this platform you will be able to complete assignments, see past notes, and more. 

    You can find google classroom by logging into your marion portal and clicking "Google Apps" on the bottom of the page, and click the icon circled below. 


    5th Period: zcufccj or invite link

    6th Period: amm5g5f or invite link


    Khan Academy: 

    Khanacademy.org will serve as your primary classwork and homework source. It's rich with videos, guides, individual practice, and even SAT prep all for FREE! :) 

    4th Period: Y2SXEP8E

    5th Period: R8NHPF45

    6th Period: FM2HM5EG




    Remind is a texting service you can use to quickly contact me if you prefer to communicate on a mobile device rather than email. 

    Download the app for more functionality or text the code below 81010

    4th Period: @WPHPrecO

    5th Period: @WPHPrec

    6th Period: @WPHPrec