Monthly Overview

  • September and October are important months for Math as we explore multiplication and division. Students are being shown several strategies understanding multiplication.  They are learning the relationship between addition and multiplication with repeated addition, models, diagrams, and number lines.  The key vocabulary includes: factors, equal groups, multiply, product, dividend, divisor and quotient.  Students will be receiving work practice to take home in booklet form from the Go Math class workbooks.  Students need to practice their basic facts up to 5 groups of 5.  If they can learn more that would be great.  Get or make some flash cards to practice or play math war with a regular playing deck of cards (remove all picture cards, the ace = 1).  Flip the cards over and multiply.  The winner keeps the pair of cards.

    In September Science we are continuing to look at matter and its different states (solid, liquid, gas) and properties (color, shape, size, weight, texture, hardness, volume).  We have also practiced with investigations to see how temperature changes matter with the use of a thermometer.  Towards the end of the month I will be sending out information on the STEAM showcase and what students need to be doing.  They have already thought about some interesting ideas and will be finding similar ideas to form teams and develop a question to work on.  We have practiced the scientific process many times in class so they should be familiar with the steps of the process.

    In October we will continue the study of Physical Science with a look at forms of energy.  Students will then begin to set up their STEAM projects and write out the steps they will follow.

    Attendance is important.  The tardy bell rings as 7:40 and students are expected to be in the classroom at this time. Breakfast is free to all, but they must be in the lunchroom by 7:35. 

    It takes a village to raise a child and I hope we will be a strong community, connected and in communication to increase your child's success this year.